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From viral social media campaigns to moving museum exhibits, all attractions are seeking to engage with their vistors more effectively. Innovations here can be high tech or with human interaction.

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Overall winner

1st place

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Chaperone Dapper Labs Ltd

Chaperone is a comprehensive and sophisticated brand experience platform. It allows the brand owner (a theme park, a museum, a zoo, a palace, a resort, an aquarium, a biome, an immersive art experience, a virtual circus, a location based entertainment facility, and even an experiential retail and entertainment complex) and their designers, to create immensely powerful personalised engagement experiences for their audiences.

Runners up

2nd place

Jurassic Ocean Hello I/O

“Jurassic Ocean” is an interactive immersive experience that gets its visitors to the deepwater station of an experimental center, where scientists managed to revive reptiles that lived hundreds of millions of years ago.

3rd place

Personal visitor approach by artificial intelligence SENSAPE

Developing its own AI, Sensape wanted to revolutionize brand experiences. Based on the recognized features the AI delivers visitors a personal approach, which customers did not have before.

Other entrants

Convious AI-powered e-commerce platform Convious

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Turning Point Louis Alfieri

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ValoClimb Valo Motion

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