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Working with the built environment creates unique opportunities and challenges. Innovation here means using storytelling, technology, design and more to connect visitors with a sense of place.

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Overall winner

1st place

light projections on floor

Currents: Niagara’s Power Transformed Thinkwell Group

Currents: Niagara’s Power Transformed is an epic sight and sound nighttime show situated in the heart of a 115 year-old hydroelectric power plant that follows the spectacular transformation of water to electricity – beginning as one tiny drop of water in the Horseshoe Falls, moving through the turbines, and transforming into sparks of electricity.

Runners up

2nd place

Virtual Production for Themed Entertainment FrankNDesign

We create collaborative, comprehensive, multipurpose 3D models and documentation that bring ideas to life!

3rd place

Khor Fakkan Waterfall GHESA Water & Art

Khor Fakkan, with about 40,000 inhabitants, is Sharjah’s largest exclave city on the East Coast of the Emirates.

Other entrants

ManaKabana – Immersive Yourself TEQ4 Limited

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