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The drone revolution for the amusement industry

Playing with Drones made safe and easy.

As a true innovation in the out-of-home leisure market, ARCADRONE is the next generation of interactive attractions, and is the first gaming platform with drones.

The principle: 4 players take place around an arena in which their respective drone flies. Thanks to an ergonomics and an ultra-efficient anti-collision system, the activity is guaranteed without crash and accessible from the age of 6 years, and from the entire family members. New games are continuously developed and will become available on a regular basis.

The first game “Rotorpunch” is based on a “capture the flag” principle, pushes the interactions between drones, and favors the contactless collisions to acquire the flag. Based on the “easy to play, hard to master” principle, advanced players will be able to develop team strategies to increase their scores.

ARCADRONE transforms drone flying into a unique fun experience, while offering immersive, interactive, and original games.


ARCADRONE is a turnkey solution, designed for simple and profitable operation. It boosts the park ‘s attractiveness and provides high income to the operations. Its versatility allows the parks to offer numerous experiences including tournaments, Experience packs, as well as detail sales. Not to mention the regular updates on the games.

The ease of operations removes the need for a dedicated operator. Handling the daily operations is as easy as a click on a tablet.

ARCADRONE has been designed for easy operations, to generate high revenue, to address multiple age groups in numerous commercial offers, and provide a high versatility.

ARCADRONE makes the piloting of drones safe, accessible, and fun. 

DRONE INTERACTIVE attractions are guaranteed zero-crash regardless of players’ piloting skills. Getting started for all audiences is immediate thanks to intuitive piloting made from the combination of several complex software layers: automatic take-off and landing, intelligent pilot assistance that keeps the players in control, automatic fencing of drones in the authorized flight space (virtual fencing), contactless collisions of drones between them.

DRONE INTERACTIVE has also developed an innovative real-virtual interaction engine that synchronizes the physical and virtual world in all dimensions (spatial and temporal). Thus drones can react in response to the events of the game, paving the way for an infinite number of interactive gameplay.

Example: When in contact with a virtual obstacle, the drone’s in-flight behavior will be immediately modified to simulate the effect of a collision.

Globally, the system is made of more than a dozen original software bricks agglomerated in an SDK based on a video game engine. This SDK (software development Kit) allows DRONE INTERACTIVE to quickly create new games for its attractions, but also to open its system to third-party partners (video game development studios).

Finally, DRONE INTERACTIVE offers an automatic battery management system that handles the battery exchange on the drone, as well as the optimization of the battery charging processes, without human intervention. The attraction works continuously and there is no need to have a dedicated operator. Operating costs are controlled and revenues generated maximized for parks. This patented system is unique.

As with a pit stop in Formula 1, the drones automatically land on their base between each game, and their battery is changed in seconds.

Some of these technological innovations are based on the results of 15 years of research conducted within the GIPSA-lab (a joint research unit of the CNRS -Grenoble-INP – Grenoble Alpes University); and some are the result of internal research and development. Intellectual property is protected by patents and through an exclusive license agreement.

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