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How many pieces of paper are you handed when you walk into an attraction? A ticket, map – maybe a brochure? And that’s just the starter kit. Throw in fast passes, activity schedules and restaurant coupons, and a family of 4 can easily have over 10 pieces of paper between them.

We believe that technology holds the key to creating a more sustainable future.’s guest experience platform provides operators with a brand owned, native, guest-facing mobile app that drives revenue & guest satisfaction across the entire guest journey. By leveraging the tech guests already use every day – their mobile devices, helps operators and guests make smart, sustainable choices that also enhance the guest experience.

Attractions like San Diego Zoo, Thorpe Park and Zoo Tampa have reduced their paper waste by up to 95% after adopting an mobile app. Whatsmore, they’re now able to encourage guests to adopt sustainable behaviours at every stage of their visit and lead the change in their local communities by running app-based learning programmes. All from a single mobile app that guests download on their mobile devices before visiting or whilst on-site for the day.

So how does a mobile app contribute to sustainability? 

First off – we’ve designed an incredible guest experience platform that’s loaded with experience-enhancing features like mobile wayfinding, food ordering and live entertainment schedules. This encourages guests to view the app as an experience enhancer rather than an obstacle. Plus, attractions can offer incentives, like exclusive discounts at their catering outlets, to really get guests invested in the app and, at the same time, boost their secondary spending. 

All this equates to a lot of added value for guests – and it’s why our user adoption is so high! At customer sites, over 90% of guests adopt their solution. And the higher the adoption rate, the more effectively our customers can use it to drive sustainability site-wide. Instead of spending thousands printing maps, tickets, fast passes, menus and brochures, our customers have slashed their printing costs AND reduced paper waste on-site by up to 95%. They also benefit from being able to adapt their app in the moment, unlike their paper materials which can quickly become outdated. Without the app, assets like maps and brochures needed to be reprinted with every new ride or activity, resulting in a high paper wastage. apps also provide a whole host of ways for attractions to drive sustainable behaviours on-site. From promoting recycling and water refill stations using an interactive map to advertising restaurants with table service so guests can avoid plastic containers, our solutions help operators provide guests with the information they need to make sustainable choices. 

The final way an mobile app supports sustainable initiatives is through its application as a learning tool for guests both on and off-site. Using push notifications and Bluetooth beacons to trigger time and location sensitive messages, our customers can educate guests as they walk around the site, highlighting key conservation missions and actions they can take at home to make an impact. For example, Zoo Tampa is using the app to encourage sustainable boating in their home state of Florida, where the native manatees are often affected by pollution and boat strikes. By sharing boating tips with guests at the zoo’s manatee exhibit and sending push notifications once they’ve left, ZooTampa is helping local communities coexist with nature more effectively. 

Zoo Tampa Go Green with! 

Like many zoos, ZooTampa worries about its own impact on the environment. In the last year alone, ZooTampa printed:

  • 400,000 tickets
  • 300,000 maps
  • 30,000 membership cards

Knowing things needed to change, Sandra Torres, Director of Communication and External Affairs and Zoo Tampa, invested in a guest-facing mobile app from and the results have been remarkable. In under a year, paper waste has been reduced by over 95%, and the Zoo has saved $50,000 on printing, which it’s now able to reinvest in other sustainable initiatives. 

Zoo Tampa has also been utilising Bluetooth beacons and push notifications to inspire guests to make long-lasting changes to their lifestyles. Here’s what Sandra had to say about the role of the app in the zoo’s sustainability plan: 

“When people visit the zoo, they want close encounters with our animals. And when they are here, we want them to connect the animal standing in front of them to an action that they can take to help that same species out in the wild. 

For example, when they visit our Orangutan habitat, they see these beautiful animals up close, often for the first time. At that moment, if a message pops up saying, ‘you can help these animals in the wild by buying sustainable palm oil,’ that really resonates. We make that connection through the app so that when they leave the zoo, they go back into it and check what they can do to help.”

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