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Revolutionize how photography concessions operate with world’s first immersive capture system with AI controlled cameras to facial recognition enabled self service kiosk systems.

For the first time ever, pictures are captured in front of giant LED screens with camera systems that does not require photographers. Entire backgrounds are removed without a green screen through AI powered software.

All cameras are controlled by AI to make sure every shot is a perfect photo. Facial recognition finds the customers images within 2 seconds and displays them on interactive screens with unlimited types of media and background choices.

Entire kiosks are integrated with touchless payment systems and all orders are printed when purchased within 20 seconds. Instantly after the purchase of the pictures, customers can access them on their phones through our personalized website.

Customers are enabled to send a selfie of themselves on their mobile devices and the system delivers all their images on their phones within 3 seconds without the usage of apps. This entire system revolutionized the photography concessions and as a result customer satisfaction skyrocketed and revenues tripled.

We use 20′-30′ wide LED walls with continuous video looping. We use Artificial Intelligence to capture perfect picture every time and remove all the backgrounds without green screens. Facial Recognition to find all the pictures and Augmented Reality to enhance the story telling.


Georgia Aquarium

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