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Innovative Immersive Fountains – High End Architecture – High Speed Moving Jets – Salt Water Conditions

The SNFCC houses the Greek National Opera House and the National Library and also provides one of the few public park spaces in Athens. The mission of the centre is to enrich Greek Society providing an amazing arts program. 

The SNFCC was designed by the Renzo Piano, the famous Architect, who also designed the Shard in London. The location for the fountain is the canal at the SNFCC. The canal suggests the centres connection to the sea. 

A few design concepts were offered, and Linear was selected, by the SNFCC. It was determined that the fountain should centre on the Agaro, a public space which lies between the Opera House and the library. It also lies directly opposite from a large stepped area which forms a natural auditorium. The location provides an opportunity for a large audience to gather on both sides of the immersive fountain. 

The innovative design features an array of moving jets and straight jets with LED lighting. The fountain design had to consider the saltwater conditions ensuring long life, as well as ease of maintenance. The audio solution offered a high quality audio experience across the audience area, which could be hidden in the architecture. The show control allows full remote support, as well as being able to add new shows. 

The initial program featured classical pieces by both international and Greek Composers, including some very challenging contemporary pieces. 

Linear was launched in July 2019, and accompanied by the Greek National Orchestra. The launch was a huge success, and the fountain system continues to be popular, with audiences of over 20000 on occasions.

The Dancing Fountains at the SNFCC Canal include 59 vertical water jets in line with the architectural design by the Renzo Piano Building Workshop. These are complimented by 10 dual axis robotic moving jets. The combination forms a powerful light, sound and water display that captivates visitor’s day and night.

The fountain installation graces the SNFCC‘s 12,000-square-meter seawater Canal. It presents elegant and explosively colorful displays choreographed to music. Water helps define the character of the SNFCC as a physical space too.

The Canal acts as an imaginary link to Faliron Bay, situating the complex in its surroundings. Its use of saltwater joins many thoughtful design features incorporated by Renzo Piano and the Renzo Piano Building Workshop (RPBW) in helping make the SNFCC as sustainable and self-sufficient as possible.

The new fountains encapsulate something essential about the SNFCC: they’re not a static showpiece, but lively and infinitely adaptable. In a public space that bears the name of the founder, a man who built his business plying the waters of the world’s shipping routes, it’s fitting that water features continue to play a central role.

The fountain incorporatres new moving jet head technology, which allows for very fast coordinated jet movments. The fountains have also been designed to provide a long life time in the salt water of the canal, with ease of maintenance also being featured as a key part of the design. 

The success of the fountains can also be measured in the requirement for additional shows, with over 30 new productions being added sinces its launch in June 2019. 

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