Night At The Manor

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The real magic is within this attraction!

Night at the Manor is an immersive 4D theater attraction with clever use of technology and surprises galore. Based on a magical and entertaining story by Fractal Picture, it is KLT’s second turnkey Transforming Theater attraction – suitable for audiences young and old. The concept has been designed in response to the growing entertainment market with clients looking for high-end turnkey solutions and reliable, innovative technology.

The magical journey begins in the queue line with a pre-show area that separates guests into two groups. Here, they are told about a stately manor on the edge of town that has been left abandoned for many years and is due to be demolished – a perfect opportunity for one last adventure! Visitors are led into a theater where a wild 4D adventure unfolds as they accompany a group of teenagers and their curious cat on a quest to find a fabled magical music box. The manor holds many hidden surprises, enhanced by the use of stunning special effects, motion and larger than life visuals, culminating in an astonishing transformation of the screen and theater like no other.

Night at the Manor is an immersive experience that is simple to operate and with a high throughput. Thrilling for all audience age groups, this action packed adventure will ensure that everybody leaves with a smile, and reason to return for a second visit!

Our Transforming Theaters are a new range of larger scale and high-capacity media-based attractions with the ability to transform through movement or other effects from one look and feel to a totally different space during any show. Night at the Manor is KLT’s first Dual 4D Transforming Theater, an immersive experience delivered as complete package – from high-end technology to an entertaining storyline and with a surprise that you have never experienced before.

Equipped with queue line and pre-show area, the adventure begins when the guests are separated into two groups of up to 200 and led into two mirrored pre-show areas. After introducing the visitors to the old legends about the abandoned manor, the groups will enter two mirrored 4D theaters, only separated by two screens with the latest 3D LED screen technology. Each theater equipped with 200 of KLT’s 4D SFX motion seats with special effect armrests and an immersive multi-channel sound system, the guests are taken on an adventurous and enthralling journey through the manor when accompanying our group of teenagers and their curious cat to find a fabled magical music box.

The adventure progresses through the building which is gradually coming back to life as they move from space to space, eventually leading to the discovery of the legendary magic box, revealing all of the manor’s secrets. The attraction’s technological highlight is the unique transformation of the screen and theater like no other when the two foldable LED screens open as if by magic, revealing a scenic stage and another auditorium with the lost second audience directly opposite the stage and transforming to a totally different space – this is where the real magic happens! This miraculous twist is supported by various special effects, larger than life visuals, projection mapping and some funny tricks and tweaks. Night at the Manor redefines the fun family experience, with thrills and surprises and a reveal that can only be seen to be understood.

Transforming a theater space is a way to really engage guests to an immersive adventure and give them something they were just not expecting, to make the experience memorable and something they want to try again and again. This high-end entertainment attraction can be offered to operators as a turnkey package for a reasonable budget.


Story by Fractal Picture

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