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Reodor Felgen’s Hyperakselerator is a highly themed and immersive storytelling experience based around the characters from the famous Norwegian author and illustrator, Kjell Aukrust’s, Flåklypa Universe, and features characters Solan and Ludvig, as they test out, Reodor – a crazy Norwegian inventor’s solution to major climate challenges, related to sustainability in the automotive and transportation industry.

Entering the attraction, guests enter a beautifully themed hut to look like Reodor’s workshop full of all sorts of knick-knacks and inventions. Illustrations by Kjell Aukrust cover the walls and pre-show media sets the scene for the adventure they’re about to take. Continuing through to the show area, guests are encouraged to take their seats on their very own Hyperaccelerator’s, strapping in tight as they embark on a test flight, with Ludvig and Solan, from the very top of Pinch Cliff. The film begins at Felgen’s workshop, entertained by Solan and Ludvig’s witty commentary, before setting off on a crazy and unpredictable dash down the mountainside. 

The attraction consists of four, 8-seater, Stargazers that utilise 6DOF motion simulators, which allow for a wide variety of movements – making the ride both smooth and adrenaline-inducing.

The vehicles, with industrial DIY inspired theming, were designed to look like Reodor’s Hyperakselerator from the story, and combine old and traditional elements to resemble something of a snow sleigh with a high-tech upgrade. The ride vehicles are positioned in front of a huge 16metre 3D projection screen. Each Stargazer is fitted with on-board special effects including water spray, wind and leg ticklers, and even an ‘interactive’ Hyper boost button for guests to press at the appropriate time to enhance the story’s realism.

Reodor Felgen’s Hyperakselerator is a great example of how to do a dynamic media attraction well. With high-quality 3D media that captures the story perfectly with relatable and quirky characters that appeal to the whole family providing lots of humour along the way. Beautiful theming that starts from the outside of the building, though a stunningly themed pre-show area and carried through to the ride vehicle theming – encapsulating the beautiful stories of a Norwegian icon. All pulled together by a phenomenal ride system that brings thrills and laughter to the whole family. 

The Stargazer ride system by Simworx has evolved over the years to allow it to be extensively themed so that the vehicle can be tailored specifically to the park’s media/story. The comfortable seating combined with thrilling movement is fun for all ages, utilising 6DOF motion platforms which are synced to the media by our team to match the action on screen. The entire experience is then pulled together through a show control system, which allows operators to control the in-theatre effects that provide a truly sensational experience.

The grand total of the ride investment is 2.5 mill Euros (except the attraction building itself). The building is approx. 400 sqm, with a ceiling height of 7 metres inside. The attraction is one of Hunderfossen’s top 3 investments in their history, and with a yearly attendance of 250-300,000 guests is a fantastic addition to the Norwegian park that is welcomed after a year of closures. 

Hunderfossen, looking to build up anticipation for the opening on May 22nd ran a competition for ‘Test Pilots’ and their family to come along for a preview day to experience the ride before any others. Excitement for the attraction was evident by the over 750 applications that the park received resulting in a lucky few getting to come along the day before opening for a private tour and experience.

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