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From water slides to aquaria, working with water places unique demands on attraction designers and operators. Constant innovation is needed to create new and exciting but also accessible, sustainable and safe experiences for guests.

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Overall winner

1st place

Svalgurok RideHOUSE ProSlide Technology Inc.

Svalgurok, the iconic custom ProSlide RideHOUSE® at Rulantica, sets a new standard for water-based entertainment. Incorporating aspects of immersion, interactivity, technology, storytelling and thrills, ProSlide’s game-changing RideHOUSE® creates a must-experience aquatic attraction. Built to exceed even the wildest expectations of guests, Svalgurok has become the most innovative attraction of 2021.

Runners up

2nd place

The Big WaveZ Ride Antonio Zamperla Spa

Zamperla’s Big WaveZ is a water ride that combines the classic shoot-the-chute attraction with the thrills of a drop tower.

3rd place

The UAE’s first ever Underwater VR Experience Farah Experiences

Yas Waterworld is the world’s first Emirati themed waterpark, drawing inspiration from the UAE’s pearl-diving heritage to deliver unique and fun-filled aquatic adventures. The waterpark is home to over 45 splash-tastic rides, slides and attractions.

Other entrants

Parallel Pursuit WhiteWater

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