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A luminous and acoustic solution for the Belgian Chamber of Representatives.

PWL designed an energy efficient and broadcast compliant lighting installation with acoustic optimization for the chamber of the Belgian House of Representatives, which is located in the neoclassical Palace of the National Government Building in Brussels .

PWL was responsible to make a creative concept with integrated lighting. The resulting three-storey cloud structure that is flown from the dome was chosen to harmonize with the rounded structure of space it occupies. There where some acoustic and architectural limitations of the building like the glass-topped dome that caused reflections back into the centre of the room, which made an uncomfortable acoustic experience.

Our partner, Amptec determined the sound system and the needed absorbent acoustic panels that were essential in this area. With this in mind, the designteam of PWL created a chandelier with integrated lighting. In this way the room’s harsh and inefficient halogen lighting could be replaced with a more energy-efficient LED lighting to reduce electricity consumption.

PWL performed a comprehensive light study to create a light design that has a natural feeling and reduces energy consumption. The sound system and the acoustic panels were the foundation for designing a multifunctional chandelier. The cloud structure has three levels to harmonize with the rounded structure of the room. The clouds of the lower tier incorporate lighting both within for general lighting and on top to light up the clouds above. The upper two tiers contain only uplighters to illuminate the clouds above and the ceiling.

PWL also replaced the lights in the side of the dome with energy efficient LEDs to mimic natural sunlight. The new lighting meets the requirements for TV recording as well as modern soft light standards for illuminating architecture buildings. PWL worked closely with Amptec and Lux Lumen , who engineered and installed this installation and provided it with a custom LED lighting solution.


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