Chaperone fusion - your bridge to the metaverse from Dapper Labs entered into the blooloop Innovation Awards 2022

Chaperone fusion

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Chaperone Fusion – seamlessly transition between physical and digital environments. Your bridge to the Metaverse – fusing physical and digital environments for seamless personalised experiences.


‘Chaperone Fusion’ is an extension of the Chaperone eco-system. It reaches deeper into the digital domains that will define the future of the Metaverse.

Our latest innovative feature encompasses the three dimensional nature of the Metaverse and can map it to the coordinates of physical places. This ability allows storytellers and content creators to fuse together the natural environment, the built environment, and the myriad of digital environments, to make transitioning between them as seamless as walking from grass to concrete to carpet in our physical world.

More information can be found here.

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