“The Imaginary Friend” Freckled Sky performance

The Imaginary Friend

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  • Third place, Creative Technology

Linear storytelling is the glue that connects the elements and leaves meaningful, lasting impressions.

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The Imaginary Friend is a live multimedia performance that narrates a touching story about friendship with a digital “imaginary” friend. The performance delivers ultimate storytelling by mixing multimedia technologies (such as projection, lighting, etc.) with the real-time performance of a real-life artist. This video has been recorded as one piece without post-production VFX. All actions on the provided video were happening live. Besides the performer, the only physical objects there were: a table with a chair, a coat, and a treadmill.

We believe that the future of live entertainment is about bringing virtual and mixed-reality experiences onto a live stage without additional devices. Therefore, in this performance, the human eye can’t determine what is real and what isn’t in an organic mix of digital and physical components.

The performance represents our philosophy of the live entertainment future. We believe that it’s time for live entertainment to fully embrace a cinematic experience.

All high-end technologies exist and are accessible. Mixed-reality immersion is brought to these shows using holograms, lighting, creatively combined special effects, and live performers.

We demonstrate how creativity, rather than technology, leads innovations in entertainment, and illustrate how industry trendsetters are revolutionizing live shows to amaze the audience.

The performance demonstrates:

  • How to organically bridge the metaverse and physical reality in live entertainment.
  • How to create a mixed reality experience for an audience without any additional devices.
  • How to bring a cinematic experience to live shows using existing technologies.

We have proven that VR glasses are not needed to feel a presence in virtual reality. Being in a room where a show such as “The Imaginary Friend” happens, you experience the same as if you wear VR glasses, complete engagement and immersion.

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