“The Invisible Showman”, the first live digital entertainer by Freckled Sky entered into the blooloop Innovation Awards 2022

The Invisible Showman

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The Invisible Showman is an innovative concept of bringing the one-of-a-kind LIVE DIGITAL character that is able to communicate with real people in real-time.

He appears in the real world in the same way as in any digital media. In other words, when we watch a live show with cartoon characters we instantly understand that they are not real. Because we see either an actor dressed in a costume or interactive props pretending to be a real “Mickey Mouse”. Regardless of the execution level, we are 100% sure that this is fake. Whereas, in the case of The Invisible Showman, no one will ever say that he isn’t the same as in the digital realm.

Usually, digital and cartoon characters, metahumans, and avatars perform in Metaverses, Cartoons, Animated movies, etc. But The Invisible Showman has decided to act differently. Using mixed-reality technology, he performs in the real world. Being the first in such an unprecedented venture, he produces unique OFFLINE shows using the best of contemporary storytelling techniques and technology to deliver a humorous, thrilling, and honest vision of the ridiculousness of people’s mundaneness from a virtual character’s perspective.

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