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ListenTALK from Listen Technologies is a mobile communication system that overcomes the challenges of hearing loss, noise, distance, and language to help people hear clearly in any environment.

Imagine visiting a theme park, museum, or other attraction and participating in a tour where everyone can hear clearly and share in the same great experience, even if they have hearing loss or don’t speak the same language. It’s possible with ListenTALK!

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ListenTALK helps break down language barriers and foster inclusion. It can be used for assistive listening on tours and seamlessly supports simultaneous interpretation. ListenTALK is ideal for use on tours in theme parks, museums, aquariums, and other attractions.

How It Works: ListenTALK features a small, lightweight transceiver (combined transmitter/receiver) that users wear around their neck and plug into personal, or venue-provided, headphones or headsets. To speak, users press and hold a button on the transceiver. Clear audio is transmitted to other transceivers paired to their ListenTALK unit. Users can hear as far away as 100 meters indoors and 200 meters outdoors.

Transceivers can be easily grouped in a docking station or by tapping units together. Leaders in each group choose how their group communicates by selecting one of three communication modes: Listen only, respond, and discuss. Leaders can easily switch between communication modes as preferred.

ListenTALK listen technologies

Interpreters can use one ListenTALK unit to hear a presenter’s message in their headset and speak the translated words to their audience using one unit hands-free. Listeners in the interpreter’s group can hear in their preferred language translated from the source and use the push-to-talk feature to ask the interpreter questions. Interpreters do not need to carry a separate receiver and transmitter or juggle two headsets or a microphone to hear audio from the presenter and listeners and to relay interpretations to listeners.

ListenTALK also enables whispered, consecutive, liaison, and relay interpretation. Up to 20 simultaneous groups can be created, and/or languages can be interpreted in the same space in North America and Japan, and up to 30 simultaneous languages can be interpreted in the same space in Europe. Software lets venues easily name groups by language.

ListenTALK listen technologies
  • Inclusive – ListenTALK breaks down language barriers and fosters inclusion so everyone can share in the same great experience, even if they don’t speak the same language. Whether users have ongoing hearing loss or find it difficult to hear in certain situations, wear hearing aids or not – they all can benefit from ListenTALK.
  • Delivers clear audio – ListenTALK helps overcome the challenges that distance, background noise, hearing loss, language, and face coverings pose to clear communication.
  • 3-in-1 solution – ListenTALK is ideal for assistive listening, language interpretation, and guided tours.
  • Simplifies interpretation – For interpreters, ListenTALK means not having to manage and carry additional pieces of equipment. Interpreters can focus on listening to what is being said and translating for their audience.
  • Easy to use – Transceivers are easy to set up and group using a docking station or by tapping units together. The simple “push-to-talk” feature has an ergonomic button.
  • Convenient –No complicated installation is required, and the solution is user friendly and flexible (can be used for one-way or two-way communication).
ListenTALK listen technologies
  • Scalable – ListenTALK can accommodate hundreds of users. Up to 20 simultaneous groups can be created and/or languages can be interpreted in the same space in North America and Japan, and up to 30 simultaneous languages can be interpreted in the same space in Europe.
  • Fully mobile – ListenTALK is lightweight and wireless, so users can move freely from place to place without losing audio. Users can hear speakers even when they are out of sight or have their back turned to listeners (e.g., a tour guide walks around a corner).
  • Safe and secure – ListenTALK units can be sanitized between uses with a disinfecting wipe. The system operates on a low interference DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) band and includes encryption for secure and stable communications.
  • Long battery life – The operating life is 7 to 8 hours for leader units and 12 hours for participant units.
  • Quick to charge – A ListenTALK charging case contains a full tray of 16 transceivers. Transceivers are easily dropped into spaces in the tray between use and will charge when the case is plugged into a power source (4 hours from empty to full charge). Users can see the charge level of each unit by pressing a button on the top of the tray.
  • Affordable – Low cost for venues, free for visitors/users.
  • Backed by Listen Technologies – Listen Technologies has been delivering outstanding wireless listening solutions for more than 24 years. Venues and end users can feel confident ListenTALK will deliver the exceptional sound quality and elegant simplicity Listen Technologies has become known for.

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