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Medici XD TruFlight Theater

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There’s a dramatic difference between flying a hang glider and flying an F-18 fighter jet.

One gives you the gentle sensation of flight while the other can throw you through the seat at takeoff and take your breath away with twists and turns. The same holds true for current flying theaters when compared to Medici XD’s revolutionary new patent pending TruFlight Theater®.

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The Medici XD TruFlight Theater improves upon decades of flying theater technology to deliver an incredibly versatile new tool into the hands of passionate story tellers. With the widest range of controlled movement of any theater in its class, TruFlight Theater boasts unparalleled flexibility and a seamless transition between exhilarating to family-friendly fun in a truly customizable flying experience.

In the primary “bottom-up” configuration, guests are whisked away as they’re pulled up into a one-of-a-kind flying experience travelling along rails that can be uniquely reshaped based on a customer’s specified ride path. In the alternative “top-down” configuration, guests are dropped into the action from above, experiencing a falling sensation unlike any other flying theatre on the market.

TruFlight Theater includes a generous one meter of precisely controlled rising and falling “heave” motion combined with a revolutionary dual-actuator driven “secondary heave” motion. Combining these two motions creates “flutter” and “turbulence” effects as well as graceful left to right tilting and banking for the ultimate free flying experience.

TruFlight Theater also features a unique and generous “pitch” motion providing the added sensation of swinging from above. Featuring a longer range of travel than any other flying theater, guests can now experience the diving and swooping sensations of real flight. The theatre package includes a full complement of onboard special effects, fog, mist, smells, seat vibration, and optional onboard audio to enhance the experience.

Flying theaters have provided memorable experiences to many guests all over the world. Now, with the state-of-the-art Medici XD TruFlight Theater, the next generation of guests will experience a heightened level of unforgettable excitement and wonder.

The TruFlight Theater is available from Medici Machines as a standalone ride system or may be packaged as a perfectly integrated solution with Medici Media for ride film design & production.

The TruFlight Theater has a reveal unlike any other, where guests are pulled along a set of rails up into the show where they experience over 1 meter of vertical heave, more than any other theater. These rails can also be reconfigured to different installations to compliment and maximize the guest experience.

Along with a revolutionary mechanical system that allows for an additional vertical motion referred to as “secondary heave” which can be combined with the primary heave to smooth out transitions or create real sensations of flutter and turbulence.

The secondary heave can also utilizes the dual actuators and attachment gimbals to allow the guest cabin to roll left and right to heighten on-screen banking motion. The cabin is also able to pitch with the pivot attachment above the guests to provide a generous range of motion.

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