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OVERDRIVE: Ultimate Heist Dark Ride

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OVERDRIVE: Ultimate Heist is a new dark ride concept that showcases the unparalleled capabilities only possible with a dynamic trackless ride system. The concept provides an example of the new heights that modern dark ride attractions are capable of reaching, delivering an adrenaline-fuelled chase around the metropolis as riders role-play as EITHER cops or robbers.

The storyline, crafted by Katapult leverages the innovation within Simworx’s Automated Guidance Vehicle technology. Riders will be able to duel like no other theme park experience, as the unpredictable motion of the trackless dark ride takes them on a chase around the city.

Riders are pitted against one another from the get-go, briefed on their chosen mission before bursting out onto the streets. They then must navigate a series of scenes from the backstreets of the Metropolis to underground tunnels, parking garages and construction sites. In an epic finale when the race spills out onto the city’s busy highway culminating in a final death-defying pursuit across the city’s suspension bridge. The climactic scene ends with both cars crashing into their respective unload scenes.

The Simworx AGV Dark Ride boasts the fastest speeds on any trackless dark ride within the themed entertainment market allowing for unique movement around show spaces, so the ride vehicles can chase and duel one another through a variety of locations, whilst avoiding theatrical hazards and other obstacles in the ride. The ability for the vehicles to race into a dead end and then reverse back out at high speed is just one of the highlight details that makes this attraction so unique.

To encourage re-rideability, the attraction will also feature multiple ride experiences and endings that will keep guests guessing every time they take to the ride. The highly stylized experience brings high-intensity driving games and movies to life. Drawing Inspiration from popular driving franchises like ‘Need for Speed’, ‘Grand Theft Auto· to create an IP-free concept that still follows the fan-favourite narrative of these kinds of stories but with its own twist.

OVERDRIVE is designed to fit into a large sprawling footprint made up of 10 scenes, with the last 2 interchangeable to suit the result of the chase. In a layout utilising 10 AGV vehicles, the throughput accommodates 1100 riders per hour.

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