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There are many conventional water fountains; there is only 1 PlayFountain.

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Not less than 1.024 software controlled water jets, enables a PlayFountain to play interactive games….with water! Instead of riding a static ride, a PlayFountain is challenging kids to play games like Labyrinth, Tsunami, Prison etc. together. This improves interaction, not only between the PlayFountain & kids but even more important, among kids themselves. But you also can play Try-2-Stay-Dry, which makes it an All-Season attraction. Kids love to discover each upcoming new game, which is part of the fun.

The unique PlayFountain is a result of a 5 year development period, where engineers have developed a high capacity attraction, where water-, electricity- and software are working together in perfect harmony, to deliver kids entertainment which is fully interactive, -accessible, -safe and fun.


The floor is 100m2 which enables 50 to 60 kids to play simultaneously. Aside from its high capacity, there are no annoying waiting lines since kids can Hop On- & Off any time. This makes it a accessible friendly attraction and will have a positive contribution on a visitors waiting time perception.
Maintain a high water quality

To avoid a chlorine smell, PlayFountains water is being cleaned continuously by using an innovative hydrogen peroxide technology. The system is continuously monitoring its water quality and will switch off automatically when its not according specs. Another advantage of hydrogen peroxide, is that after the season the water doesnt need to be wasted like with chlorine water. The water can be used for irrigation. A PlayFountain have got its own off ground floor water basin, to avoid the risk of water contamination by organic material or litter. 95% Of the water is being reused, so there is limited loss.


Power & water consumption

A PlayFountain floor consists of active- an inactive panel. Active panels (16x) are equipped with 64 water jets, which means that we use 1.024! water jets. Due to a patented technology, the energy consumption of a PlayFountain is extremely efficient (only 4,4 kWh). Each panel can be exchanged in 5 minutes, which makes downtime short. Loss of water is mainly caused by vaporization, which makes the water consumption limited.


Software & Updates

Due to the 1.024 water jets, the number of games are endless. Clients will receive updates with new games. The type of games (young vs. older kids), the interval time between games can be programmed to match the client’s needs. At night, games are being supported by light- and sound effects to enhance the experience.

A PlayFountain doesnt need an operator and surveyor, which makes its operating costs low. Kids cant drown which makes it a 100% safe attraction. Parents can sit down and relax at a F&B facility, while their kids are having fun.


The PlayFountain not only improves a parks interaction between visitors, – attraction portfolio, -water consumption, -operating costs and safety, but because of all these benefits, combined in one single attraction, without any compromise.

A play floor equiped with not less than 1.024 software controlled water jets (comparable with a screen with pixels) , enables the PlayFountain to play an endless number of interactive games like Labyrinth, Prison, Tsuanami etc……. with water.

Since a PlayFountain have got no peak voltage, energy consumption is extremely low (on average only 4,4 kWh).

A PlayFountain uses non irritating and smelling hydrogen peroxide (instead of conventional chlorine) to continiously purify the water. 95% Of the water is being reused. After a season the water doesn`t need to be wasted (like chlorine water), but can be reused for e.g. irrigation or cleaning purposes.

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