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The biggest wave of any Flume Ride on the market!

It Combines the splash of a Shoot-the-Chute with a traditional flume experience, the track and lap bar allows for fast drops and amazing airtime! Two chutes: Feel the rush of the 60km/h on the 12 m drop and enjoy the air time hump on the 8 m drop. The panoramic section during the whole experience allows the ride to be more sensational than ever!

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Each chute features a scenic waterfall thanks to water pumps installed at the top. Easy and cost-effective maintenance system. We re-imagined the ownership experience to eliminate technicians working in the water and reduce the total cost of ownership. New Boat Design: we re-thought vehicle design from the hull to the seat and everything in between. 6 seats for a high hourly capacity with a state-of-the-art individual lap bar.

The vehicles have a watertight fiberglass body, wheels and chassis are attached to the hull with a structural adhesive. This significantly reduces maintenance hours and the cost of ownership when compared with traditional flumes and the structure avoids the storage of water inside the fiberglass.

The side wheels of the boat guide the boat into the canal; the lower wheels keep it in contact with the track on descents, while the upper wheels control the boat’s dynamics as it enters the pool area after the drop, maximizing safety and the wave effect! The floor inside the boat has a double layer to keep the upper level always dry, this means that no rider will wet his feet: the water stored during the experience in between the two layers is forced outside the boat by a drain valve!

The side handles allow easier loading and unloading procedures. Bumpers are made in eva, this material permits a long-lasting ride life. Each of the 6 seats is equipped with an individual t-bar which is built with materials made to resist water. The double t-bar has been designed in order to accommodate riders of different sizes, with a height restriction of only 105 cm (42 in).

The boat bottom is made of a composite panel screwed on the chassis and on 3 metal struts attached to the boat, the composite panel is covered with a rubber carped made by Continental.
The frontal section of the rubber carpet is easily replaceable: for this reason, maintenance is friendly, and the total cost of ownership is reduced. The bows in the vehicles have been shaped to maximize the wave shape. Our team of artisans can theme the boats to suit every customer’s design and storytelling!

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