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The summer of 2022 saw a new ProSlide innovation debut at two water parks in the southern United States.

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These installations opened back-to-back at Splashway Campground & Waterpark and Cullman Wellness & Aquatic Center, unveiling ProSlide’s latest water ride feature: the groundbreaking SwitchBACK™. It combines multiple innovations that contribute to making it the industry’s first multi-feature tubing wall ride. Uses a new, two-person, face-to-face tube developed exclusively for SwitchBACK™


Designing a new ride with such an innovative ride experience necessitated the creation of an equally innovative vehicle: the Face-to-Face Tube. By situating riders in this type of configuration, they’re able to see the expression on each other’s faces, allowing for a greater opportunity to share the experience

SwitchBACK proslide


ProSlide’s team of experienced engineers and ride designers can adapt the SwitchBACK to any landscape and footprint. Its versatility allows for it to be added to ride paths with existing ProSlide features like the TORNADO® 18, FlyingSAUCER® 20 and 30. This completely transforms the ride path into a brand-new experience and brings the TornadoWAVE® features into every single ride ProSlide ride category.


A. Riders experience a fast, abrupt change in direction.
B. Near zero GS as riders travel up the feature.
C. Fast up and down oscillations at least once in the ride path.
D. Playful experience with short oscillations and quick transitions.
E. Face-to-face positioning allows riders to share in the thrills.


With a ride experience purposefully designed for the entire family, the SwitchBACK is a ‘slow-and-go’ adventure ride that’s perfect for almost any rider. Seated in a face-to-face configuration, two riders share a slow start, followed by quick, sharp changes in direction with fast up and down oscillations. The quick transitions keep riders on their toes as they share in the thrill of the next speedy direction change. And thanks to its scaled size, parents can even join their younger kids to capitalize on the opportunity for a shared experience.


Drawing inspiration from ProSlide’s downhill skiing heritage, the SwitchBACK uses expert design and technology to create a unique ride experience with no equal.

More information can be found here.

SwitchBACK proslide


Splashway Campground & Waterpark and Cullman Wellness & Aquatic Center

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