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Replace bottled water with local, chilled, filtered and sanitized water straight from Wetap refill stations.

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The refill stations are connected to the local water supply. It’s a good service for helping the guests and attractions to become more sustainable. Save plastic, C02, transportation, and waste handling. With our solution the theme parks can make switching from bottled water to local water into a good business case. RFID stickers gives access to the water and the Theme park can make revenue on selling stickers and Theme park reusable bottles. In this way the visitors can bring home a “green” souvenir. The water stations, stickers and bottles can be designed to fit the Theme park. All machines are touchless, and easy to use. The concept is already in use in Danish Theme park Fårup Sommerland.

The Wetap water stations makes is possible to move away from bottled water without loosing profit, due to the integrated payment solution.

Some startling facts about bottled water: 162g of oil and seven litres of water are required to manufacture a single one litre volume disposable PET bottle and this amounts to the release of 100g of carbon dioxide (CO2). Danish research show that local water from the tap is 900 times more sustainable than bottled water. Wetap water stations is also equipped with automatic cleaning of the water and nozzle, so there is no risk of contamination or spreading diseases.

Cold, fresh, local water so that guests can fill own water bottle or a Theme Park water bottled to avoid buying bottled water and in this way single use plastic is saved.


Ecozona Iberian: Marco Zanutto, Carmine d´Anna, Claudia Mattioni

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