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A groundbreaking immersive and sensory dining masterpiece .

360, An Extraordinary Experience, epitomizes excellence as a groundbreaking immersive and sensory dining masterpiece meticulously crafted by Princess Cruises.

Embarking on the Enchanted Princess and Discovery Princess, a select group of twenty guests are transported on an unparalleled journey through the Mediterranean, enveloped in a fusion of culinary delights, cultural immersion, and emotional resonance.

360 Princess Cruises

A charismatic live host becomes the harbinger of this extraordinary voyage, introducing guests to a living travel journal that materializes through a blend of physical and digital enchantment, captivating their senses through vibrant imagery and captivating sounds.

The author of this journal, a female traveller portrayed by the esteemed Brooke Shields, beckons the guests to join her and sail the Mediterranean, unveiling the wonders of Greece, Italy, Spain, and France.

Transcending the boundaries of conventional dining or other immersive experiences, the guests find themselves transported to the Mediterranean. Awe-inspiring panoramic visual media displayed on elegantly curved LED walls and scented fragrances harmonize with a bespoke soundtrack, while interactive tabletops invite tactile engagement, stimulating each of the five senses. Every facet converges to transport the guests to each destination, igniting their imaginations and fostering a profound connection.

Through the expertise of local artisan producers in each destination authentic ingredients, cultural traditions and culinary methods are seamlessly woven into the fabric of the experience. Each destination presents a choreographed service, accompanied by a meticulously curated 7-course menu of tantalizing food and drinks, allowing guests to savour the harmonious blend of traditional flavors and products.

360, An Extraordinary Experience, serves as a catalyst for igniting curiosity, fostering a deep appreciation for travel, and forging connections among people, places, and cultures. It serves as a perfect platform for sharing the richness of local traditions and tastes, elevated by a touch of magical theatricality.

This immersive encounter highlights some of the most breathtaking locations on Earth, while delicately presenting flavors that awaken the senses. Every element of storytelling media is carefully crafted, filmed exclusively for this experience, and presented by passionate local artisan storytellers, eager to impart their insights and represent their cherished regions and countries.

The menu itself is an artistic masterpiece, thoughtfully incorporating culinary aspects from each destination, enticing guests to embark on an adventurous exploration of their palates. Beyond the fine ingredients on the plate, the stories behind the food take center stage, inviting guests to connect with the origins of the gastronomic delights.

Further enhancing the tasting experience, the same wines featured in the storytelling media are elegantly served, visually transporting guests to the very vineyards where the wines were born, evoking a sensory journey that transcends the boundaries of the ship.

Guests of all ages and backgrounds become emotionally entwined with the narrative and visuals, awakening a deep yearning for travel and inspiring them to embark on their own personal adventures, creating lasting memories of their own. Even those who have previously visited these destinations find themselves rekindling their cherished memories with heartfelt nostalgia.


Francois Leroux, SVP Guest Experience Design, Princess Cruises
Denise Saviss, VP Entertainment Experience, Princess Cruises
Katy Harris, Creative Director, Princess Cruises
David Tinsley, Creative Creative Director – Video content – Co-writer
Eric Steinberg Producer – Video content
Brent Young Creative Director – Video & Media Content
Paul Washburn Producer – Media Content and Technology
James Kang Production Manager Media
Robert Cocker Co-writer
Derek Dolechek Art Director – Media content and Graphics
Scott Walls Editor
Mike Garrod Director of research/Fixer
Sydney Asselin Associate Technical Director
Jackson Gallagher Technical Director
Ben Ryle Interactives Programmer
Michael Hankowsky Technical Supervisor
Bryce Kongvold Technical Supervisor
Grant McDonald Technical Supervisor
Jeff Dittenber Sound Designer
Brian Yessian Music Supervisor
Jacob Wolfe Asst Sound Engineer
Monty Lunde Scent Effect Design
Ian Mac Vittie Scent Effect Install
Robert Kautz Scent Effect Install
Mackenzie Vild Scent Effect Install

Mark Simons, Director Production Operations & Capital Projects, Princess Cruises
Jill Klecha, Project Manager, Princess Cruises
Chad Singleton, Manager Production Services, Princess Cruises
Matt Dejong, Fleet Supervisor – Lighting, Princess Cruises
Macauley Crook, Fleet Supervisor – Audio, Princess Cruises
Mark Mahusay, Fleet Supervisor – Audio, Princess Cruises
Vinicius Pereira, Fleet Supervisor – Audio, Princess Cruises
Jake Lockwood, Show Director, Princess Cruises
Dusan Milosavljevic, Production Operator, Princess Cruises
Rafal Seweryniak, 360 Host, Princess Cruises
Johannes Kotze, 360 Host, Princess Cruises
Mark Young, Project Manager, Princess Cruises
Sami Kohen, VP Food and Beverage Experience, Princess Cruises
Rudi Sodamin, Head of Culinary Arts, Princess Cruises
Cristian Pirvutoiu,Sr Director F&B Experience Operations, Princess Cruises
Andreas Dymke, Director Culinary Experience, Princess Cruises
Romain Fournel, Corporate Pastry Chef, Princess Cruises
Fabio Cucchelli, Corporate Executive Chef
Thai Reznich, Sr Dining Service Specialist, Princess Cruises
Kimberly Henigman, Sr Specialist Beverage & Specialty Dining Experiences, Princess Cruises
Doreen Rosenfeld, Entertainment Coordinator, Princess Cruises
Doug Steele, Sr Director Global Guest Experience Solutions, Princess Cruises
Chris Congdon, Sr Manager Systems Design, Princess Cruises
Valerio Bosco, Manager Electrical Design, Princess Cruises
Sean Alm, Location Services, Princess Cruises

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