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An attraction that gives the opportunity to explore extreme wind speeds of up to 100 mph, providing visitors with a real storm experience.

Beat the Storm is an attraction for 4 to 80 year-old kids to discover the invisible force of the wind from breeze to hurricane. It has been created for amusement parks, science centers, aviation, space, automotive, nature museums, and other venues to provide visitors with a real storm experience.

Visitors only need to remove headwear, empty their pockets, and put on the provided goggles to pit themselves against one of three challenge levels, depending on height: “Wind” (45 mph) level for toddlers, “Storm” (80 mph) & “Hurricane” (100 mph) levels for teens and adults.

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Each visitor has 2 turns with 30 seconds to get to the epicenter of the Storm. Once there, you experience how the wind holds you and how changing posture, arm placement, and angle of the body can completely change the interaction with the wind. Coming out of the 328 sq. ft. hurricane playground, you gain an understanding about the wonders of aerodynamics and realize the incredible force of nature.

Beat the Storm gives the opportunity to explore the extreme wind speed of up to 100 mph in a safe environment, providing an experience that can’t be enjoyed otherwise.

The attraction is supplemented with optional educational content depending on the venue and theme. The topics that can be interactively presented: extreme weather and climate change, staying safe during hurricanes, aerodynamics of cars, planes (lift, drag, steering), wind energy, winds on other planets, STEM lessons, and wind as a core component of the world as we know it.

Beat the Storm attraction has a throughput of 180 or 360 persons per hour. By having up to four adjacent units, the number of visitors per hour can be increased up to 720. There are two versions available “H” and “V” version to accommodate for potential limitations in the available footprint or height of the attraction. Beat the Storm can be placed indoors or outdoors.

The attraction is designed to be with low emitted noise and low electrical consumption. It is made possible by using the recircular air flow inside the attraction. The concept and particular application has been patented. Design, materials and components selected for the attraction, enables reduced maintenance costs because of minimal amount of wear and tear parts and only yearly maintenance requirement.

The first two Beat the Storm units have been installed at Universe Science Park in Denmark, in July of 2022. So far there have been no reported injuries and the attraction has been running with 100% uptime. Now it is one of the top attractions of the park with more than 80 000 happy visitors so far.

We are grateful for the opportunity of Blooloop Innovation Awards, to draw attention to Beat the Storm, getting us closer to bringing the attraction to new locations.

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