Believe Sea of Dreams

Believe! Sea of Dreams

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A cutting-edge nighttime spectacular at using the latest in video, effects, fountain, pyrotechnic and lighting technology.

Show Summary

Believe! Sea of Dreams is a cutting-edge nighttime spectacular at Tokyo DisneySea’s Mediterranean Harbor.
Wendy and Peter Pan are our guides, taking us on a spectacular adventure to the Sea of Dreams. We see what happens to wishes when they are sometimes lost, forgotten or challenged – and the triumph of making them come true. For the first time, the Disney MiraCosta hotel has been transformed into an expansive projection canvas, creating an immersive 360-degree experience surrounding the lagoon.
The nighttime spectacular features six barges that are equipped with the latest in video, effects, fountain, pyrotechnic and lighting technology. The show has new advancements to enable the complex choreographed spectacle. New wireless tracking, pre-visualization and lighting technology was specially developed, to enable a seamless spectacular like never before. More than 40 dancers and Characters appear in the show.

Show Segments:

The Sea of Dreams
Peter Pan shows Wendy Darling one of the most magical places in the universe…. the Sea of Dreams. This enchanting place above Never Land is home to the Second Star to the Right – it’s the place where stars are born when a wish is made.

A Bolt Out of the Blue
The seas swirl as colorful story barges begin to circle the harbor, each revealing a Disney Character ascending on a sparkling tower.

A Leap of Faith
The swirling stars transform into a driving sandstorm, transporting us to the bustling city of Agrabah then onto more magical places.

Be Careful What You Wish For
The Second Star barge is transformed into a rocky shore, where Ariel appears and wishes to be part of another world.

The Wish of Romance
As the orchestra builds with the songs from each film, a majestic tableau forms as romance fills the air in a climactic, heartwarming burst of elegant illumination.

As the Golden Ship sails onward into the night, we hear the rhythm of drums in the distance as a small boat appears on the ocean- Moana!

Wishes Challenged
A storm rages and the dreamers are immersed in darkness and overpowering fear.

Fire and Ice
The lagoon is flooded with scenes of all our dreamers’ wishes finally coming true at once in the Sea of Dreams. As each dream is made real, a single shooting star arcs across the sky.

Wishes Triumphant
The Sea of Dreams is alight with color and wonder! As the finale reaches its peak and the smoke clears, the audience is left with a renewed hope and a reminder to keep believing in our dreams!

SHow Elements include:

  • Second Star barge: A 70-foot telescoping barge featuring multiple suspended Show Action elements, video, lighting, pyrotechnics, fountain and flame effects
  • Story barges: Four barges with shape-shifting, 360-degree LED Screens, performer lifts, fountains and pyrotechnics
  • Golden ship: A sparkling galleon showcasing live performers, including Peter and Wendy flying among the sails
  • Six illuminated jet skis
  • Mapped video projection
  • Flame effects
  • Lasers
  • Choreographed water fountains
  • Theatrical Lighting

The barges and lifts are tracked live in 3D space as the watercraft maneuver the lagoon, allowing them to be precisely lit from 360 degrees while in motion on the water

Notable Show Facts:
• Show developed in Disney Live Entertainment’s in-house virtual programming environment
• Costumes designed by Tony Award-winning Costume Designer, Gregg Barnes
• Features moments of brand-new custom animation from Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar
• Show score is specially arranged for Tokyo DisneySea and recorded by a live orchestra in London, UK
• Original theme song performed by famed international recording artist MISIA


Oriental Land Company Entertainment

Show Created by: Steve Davison, Executive Creative Director
Executive Producer: Roger Heartsner
Producer: Blake Lennon
Directed by: Matt West and Wendy Ruth

From OLC Entertainment:
Managing Producer: Noritaka Tsuji
Producers: Shoichi Masuda, Koichi Sasamoto
Creative Director: Koji Uno

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