Big Bear Mountain Waterfall

Big Bear Mountain

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A family-thrill coaster from Vekoma with forceful launches, airtime, ground hugging sections, and cool curves and twists


The Family Launch Coaster is a newly designed coaster by Vekoma Rides. It’s the best of both worlds – with its low height requirement of 39″ it accommodates younger riders while also providing a fun coaster experience for the more adventurous!

Family-thrill coasters with such a low height restriction are scarce. Vekoma had the perfect solution for it, a vehicle which can safely carry 39”-tall riders while offering an exciting ride experience for an older audience too. We commonly see family coasters with a much taller height restriction, which ultimately leave a large number of younger visitors out. We were able to successfully tackle that with Big Bear Mountain. It’s a ride that the whole family can enjoy together!

Big Bear Mountain has plenty of surprises, starting by the size of the coaster with 3,990 ft of track. It is not everyday that we see a massive coaster for such a wide audience. The launches are forceful, the layout is full of airtime, ground hugging in different sections and cool curves and twists. The speed is high (max 48 mph) and consistent. Big Bear Mountain is actually almost like 2 family coasters in one, given how long the ride is and how the first section (after launch 2) and second section (after launch 3) are different. The ride packs three launches and an astonishing 23 airtime moments, with positive forces like no other family attraction– all with a 39-inch height limit. While sitting in the train, you no longer feel like a park visitor but like an expeditioner about to embark on adventure.

Through the fun story elements, onboard audio and phenomenal theming including highly- detailed coaster trains resembling four-wheel-drive SUVs and working headlights and taillights, you really are immersed in the ride experience. Moreover, the impressive capacity of 1,000 riders per hour slices waiting times. The ride’s effortlessly easy maintenance, ergonomic seating for all sizes and high-level safety makes it an embodiment of coaster excellence.

The MK711 train offers a comfortable and smooth ride with safety and ergonomics as the focus of the design. The body of the train presents a very open design to deliver the best ride experience possible. Riders are restrained by padded individual lap bar restraints that comfortably lock riders into place, but do not take away from the ride experience. The locking system applied consists of stepless hydraulic units allowing for a safe and comfortable ride for both adults and children, with redundant hydraulic locking. Due to its state-of-the-art design, the vehicle allows for 39”+ riders to be comfortably and safely restraint. The MK711 train is designed to accommodate larger guests, with containment and ergonomics study concluded for 300+ lb riders.

The train has a special rear accessibility coach with a single side load/unload with a foot pedal operated door integrated into the body of the vehicle which makes the ride accessible for riders with a disability by providing an ADA-Compliant transfer surface.

This Family Launch Coaster is the culmination of decades of Vekoma’s meticulous work to revolutionize and perfect the family coaster experience! They all come out with radiant smiles, whether it’s a 3-year-old, a grandfather, a plus-size teen, a thrill-seeking mom or coaster enthusiast. Big Bear Mountain undoubtedly unleashed the potential of what family coasters could truly be.

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