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Bolt: Ultimate Sea Coaster

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A fast roller coaster ride over drops, dips and curves on the top deck of a luxury liner.

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BOLT is a roller coaster with a motorbike feeling on the top deck of a luxury liner. The Ultimate Sea Coaster® is a two-seater – so get on the motorbike, step on the gas and accelerate at 1.2 g to 60 km/h (37 mph) in no time. So, it’s a fast ride over drops, dips and curves – with a view of the endless horizon. Attention, no time for dreamers! At the end, a hairpin bend around the legendary Carnival funnel leads back to the start.

Behind its development is the think tank at Maurer Rides and the innovative spirit of Carnival Cruise Line. BOLT has a twin on the Mardi Gras, which was launched in 2021 as the largest ship in the Carnival fleet at the time. The response to the “Ultimate Sea Coaster” was great. So, there was no question for Carnival that the sister ship “Celebration” would also get a roller coaster from Maurer Rides to offer passengers this fantastic experience.

Spike®: Pleasure with a bite

Carnival cruise

Technically, the Sea Coaster follows on from the success of the Spike Racing Coaster. The unique ride high above the ocean is made possible by the innovative and patented Spike® drive from MAURER Rides. Put simply, Spike® is a further developed gear drive. The extremely powerful motor turns roller coaster passengers into real drivers. They can brake or accelerate themselves anywhere on the 220 m (721 foot) long track, with 100 % traction and 1.2 g’s of force. Everyone creates their own individual roller coaster experience: pleasurable or thrilling, just as they like.
The Spike® technology is what made it possible to install it on board in the first place. The “gear teeth” always keep everything in contact and thus eliminates the movements of the ship as well as the influences of the weather and the sea. So, it’s not surprising that Spike® in 2022 receive the “Best of What’s New” award from Popular Science magazine: the first roller coaster on the high seas is not only fun, but also a masterpiece of modern technology.
Furthermore, the innovative technology can withstand even the most extreme conditions. The ride has proven its reliability after two years of continuous operation on the high seas.

All good things come in threes

By the way, Carnival Cruise Line doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to success. In 2023, the Carnival Jubilee will set sail from Galveston/Texas, also with the roller coaster “Bolt: The Ultimate Sea Coaster”.


  • Attractive motorbike design
  • Interactive speed and acceleration control
  • Acceleration out of the curve
  • No potential or kinetic energy restrictions
  • Sound, display and lights on board with automatic energy feed-in
  • Lightweight vehicle allows simple steel construction
  • Minimal energy consumption of max. 130 KWh when accelerating.


Carnival Cruise Line

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