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Shared Reality combines the best of virtual and physical worlds, bringing immersive experiences to expansive physical spaces.

Immersive reality has skyrocketed in the last decade. Institutions and attractions alike are increasingly adopting technologies like VR, AR, and XR to take people to places they have never gone before. Enter Cosm, leading experiential media and immersive technology company, which, leaning on its more than 75 years of powering immersive experiences, has developed a new type of reality technology called “Shared Reality.” Shared Reality combines the best of virtual and physical worlds, bringing immersive experiences to expansive physical spaces, as opposed to personal VR headsets. It completely envelops the audience in the content they love, inviting an electrifying communal experience that is impossible to replicate at home. 

Cosm’s technology and its first-ever fully immersive and interactive Shared Reality experience – known as the Experience Center located in Salt Lake City, Utah – draws upon decades of innovation and achievement in immersive dome design, image processing and calibration, 3D realtime computer graphics, and high-resolution workflows. Cosm’s Experience Center is a fully functional prototype for the company’s forthcoming public-facing venues, the first of which began in 2022 in Hollywood Park, Los Angeles, and houses “CX System,” an end-to-end technology suite that creates larger-than-life Shared Reality experiences through custom-engineered, compound curved LED displays (“CX Display”). These displays are powered by industry-leading software (“CX Engine”), which boasts highly advanced calibration and blending capabilities that have been developed to seamlessly integrate with realtime rendering engines, like Unreal Engine and Unity, to transport guests anywhere real or imagined. Bringing immersive sports, entertainment, and unbelievable experiences to life in 8K+ resolution with corresponding sights and sounds, Cosm’s Experience Center showcases the world’s first and only Software Defined Display (CX Display), a 20-meter diameter immersive LED 8K+ compound curved display that overcomes limitations of projection-based systems, resolving cross-reflectivity and providing unparalleled brightness, contrast, and resolution for best-in-class Shared Reality experiences. 

In 2024, Cosm will bring Shared Reality to consumers with its own immersive entertainment venues, the first two under construction in Los Angeles and Dallas, which will be powered by CX System’s cutting-edge LED technology, immersive software applications, content capabilities, and world-class content partnerships such as the NBA and UFC. The venues will seamlessly bridge the gap between virtual and physical realities across live sports and entertainment, experiential events, immersive art, music, and more. In addition, CX System will power Fort Worth Museum of Science & History’s newly renovated Jane & John Justin Foundation Omni Theater, which when complete will be the world’s first LED dome of its grand size in a museum, making Fort Worth Museum a world leader in the application of state-of-the-art visual technology and an educational cornerstone for the Dallas-Fort Worth community. 

Through Cosm’s comprehensive Shared Reality solution, audiences can interact with a simulated environment like never before. With state-of-the-art structural engineering, innovative screen technology, experiential production capabilities, and an ever-expanding ecosystem of immersive content, Cosm is setting an entirely new standard for the way audiences experience their favorite events and content, granting fans front row access to the world’s most sought-after events and locations. Whether it’s courtside at an NBA game, cage-side for a UFC PPV event, or on the launchpad for a rocket launch, Cosm’s transportive Shared Reality technology offers a new and exciting way to bring audiences together in person and closer to the action.

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