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Giving Walt Disney World decision-makers, operators, employees, and visitors real-time weather information.

Weather monitoring at the Walt Disney World Resort at Lake Buena Vista, Florida, began many years ago when we utilized leaders and employees to determine future and current weather conditions through various techniques, such as flash to bang. We have added solar-powered microclimate sensors, meteorological services, visualization tools, and alerts to our on-property weather stations over the last decade. This service, known as Disney Weather Check, gives our decision-makers, operators, employees, and visitors real-time weather information.

Disney Weather Check is an integrated weather forecasting and mobile system that provides accurate weather information for our theme parks and resorts. We developed these technologies for our employees and visitors and want to share them to make the world a safer and more accessible place.

Managing various lines of business such as fireworks, attractions, transportation, golf, and outdoor dining requires having special rules and operating procedures when inclement weather is approaching in order to protect people and property.

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This is combined with an automated rules engine driven by collecting on-site weather data from local weather stations on our properties, portable solar-powered microclimate sensors, 24-hour meteorological services, and an hourly custom forecast. This allows our employees and visitors to be aware of severe weather conditions while at the Walt Disney World Resort.

We have combined our developed technology, know-how, and licensed other companies to make this available to non-Disney entities around the world.

Visitors to the Disney theme parks and resorts have access to:

  • Real-time hourly custom weather forecast at the Walt Disney World Resort
  • 10-day weather forecast
  • 20 free interactive map layers, including future radar
  • Critical weather alerts for lightning and severe storms at any time
  • Weather station selection for accurate weather observations

With the goal of enhancing safety measures and providing easy access to accurate weather forecasts for people around the world, Disney is proud of our continued efforts to further evolve Disney Weather Check.

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