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A leading global live entertainment discovery platform, helping millions of people discover the best experiences in their cities.

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Fever is the leading global live entertainment discovery platform that has helped millions of people discover the best experiences in their cities since 2014. In February 2023, Fever announced the completion of a $110 million funding round that valued the company at $1.8 billion, creating opportunities to attract new partners and talent, expand operations, and launch products and services to boost its guests’ journey.

The digital realm plays a key role in the discovery process; it’s through the digital that people engage with real-life content. Investing in tech, Fever developed a proprietary platform that bridges the digital space with real-life entertainment, drawing people into live events to share and engage with new experiences. This digital prowess, combined with active involvement in on-the-ground co-production, ensures that the customer’s journey seamlessly integrates into the entire event lifecycle. From gauging the demand for immersive content and approaching partners to create unique experiences, to identifying optimal venues, launching sales campaigns, and providing continuous support and reviews for users, Fever stands as the comprehensive partner capable of diligently tracking ROI for event creators, brands, IP-owners, and venues.

Prioritizing the guest journey has not only led to a high rate of personalization through the platform, but to efficient strategies that maintain control over the funnel, and give greater insight into ROI for Fever’s partners. This addresses shortcomings, detects trends and refines the guest journey to guarantee the most relevant content and personalized entertainment choices take center stage.

Fever successfully distinguished its consumer-based product. As it grows, so does its data, resulting in product improvement. Fever developed a unique ecosystem combining behavioral data, engineering, and culture, and that interacts with the customer during the entire guest journey value chain.

This proprietary technology empowers creators and provides them with valuable insights to curate their content, generate demand and expand. By allowing each segment of the ecosystem to generate its own insights, it developed a platform to keep up with trends, and also anticipate, engage with, and shape new demand. This marks a significant industry breakthrough, benefiting brands, creators, and IP owners as it enables the creation of customized and efficient experiential marketing strategies, providing real-life engagement opportunities for people.

Creators and organizers partnering with Fever witnessed a boost of more than 30% in value, evaluated by multiple touchpoints including expanding audience reach by 15%, enhancing conversion rates by 10%, and boosting revenue by 5% at each customer interaction point.

As we look to next year, Fever will further strengthen its users’ experience with data-driven technologies such as AI and machine learning to become an even more personalized and sophisticated platform.

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