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HEAR: Happily Ever After Revenge

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The only rage room and spa experience for the viciously broken hearted.

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Didn’t get the ‘happily ever’ that you were after? Make them regret the day they let you go at the ultimate female breakup experience. You’ll literally smash away the past, indulge your feelings in sweets and enjoy a rejuvenating spa treatment to emerge looking and feeling your best.

Electric Jelly presents HEAR: Happily Ever After Revenge; the only rage room and spa experience for the viciously broken hearted. This unique and female first experience combines the satisfaction of a rage room with the indulgence of a day spa to help visitors heal and feel empowered to move on. This experience is perfect for groups such as bachelorette parties or friends rallying around a brokenhearted peer or for individuals looking for a safe space to express themselves.

Guests will start with a creative outlet in Karma Acres, our relationship graveyard, to help them channel their negative emotions and set intentions for the day. Using chalk to inscribe ex’s names on cement tombstones, guests are encouraged to express themselves through word and picture by adding creative embellishments to each headstone. Karma Acres helps to set the lighthearted yet revenge driven atmosphere of HEAR for all attendees.

HEAR is structured after a traditional day spa in terms of pacing and ticket pricing. Guests will spend time in Karma Acres until their appointed time to take control and get some revenge in the Game Over rage rooms. Guests will be provided with protective gear, a selection of breakables, and a safe space to let out all of their frustrations and anger. Smashing, breaking, and destroying to their heart’s content, guests will feel the weight of their heartbreak lifting with each satisfying shatter. With rage rooms sized to accommodate individuals as well as groups, each attendee gets a custom experience by choosing a personal playlist to be the backing track for their destruction.

Rage Room

Next, it’s time to treat yourself to a little luxury. Lounge in Death by Chocolate, a sweet themed waiting area where guests can enjoy a sampling of decadent desserts. This is also the perfect moment to capture some pictures to commemorate the experience. When guests’ appointment time comes, an attendant will come collect them and guide them upstairs to Spill the Tea Spa.

Slipping into a silky soft, midnight black robe, guests can enjoy the many offerings of HEAR’s lush oasis. Skilled therapists will offer a range of treatments designed to melt away tension and calm the mind. Between services, guests can relax in one of the saunas, pools or the thunder bath. In the thunder bath, guests will experience a simulated torrential downpour to naturally massage away tension. Guests will also be invited to clear their minds in a warm bath surrounded by candles and essential oils. As they soak, they’ll be guided through a meditation to help them leave behind the heartache and focus on the positive steps you’re taking towards a happier, healthier future.

To complete a revenge-fueled day, guests will exit their experience through Served Cold Cafe. Here they can grab a coffee and leave a letter for their future self to be mailed to them one year from the day it’s written. Served Cold will also provide an opportunity for guests to purchase merchandise. Sweatshirts that read “Break up with him” will be available and can be customized to “Break up with her,” “Break up with them” or “Break up with [ex’s name goes here].”

At HEAR, we believe that every woman deserves to feel strong and confident, especially after a break-up. Our experience is designed to connect women with a community of other strong females while providing relief from difficult emotions. HEAR will also be inclusive of other communities with specific events for LGBTQ, male, and all other visitors. Guests should leave feeling empowered to be the main character of their own story and take away helpful coping mechanisms to successfully navigate life’s stressors.


This concept was developed in its entirety by Electric Jelly co-founder Eleni Trapp.

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