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Hypersphere 360 aka Dome Ride Theater

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A Dome Ride Theatre with 17 million pixels and 2x 6K LED Technology to provide an immersive ride experience.

Hypersphere 360 is completely different to all other attractions globally – whether they are thrill rides, dark rides or fun rides. It represents a new media-based attraction, invented and patented by Attraktion! & Intamin.

Hypersphere 360, aka Dome Ride Theatre, is truly the world’s most immersive ride experience! Spanning 17m in diameter, and spherical in shape, the ride boasts 17 million pixels and 2x 6K LED Technology from Attraktion! Gmbh, Austria.

The ride is carefully mapped out to offer the most immersive experience kicking off with pre-show information. Guests are then invited to walk into the Dome and choose one of the 80 seats in the ring. At this point, the riders have no clue to what to expect – the only thing visible is a digital honeycomb layer on the Dome. Once seated, and the safety checks have been completed, including locking of lapbars, the show begins with the full sphere being revealed and with riders beginning their immersive, one-of-a-kind, thrill ride.

The seating ring – supplied and constructed by Intamin Amusement Rides, can rotate 360 degrees up to 6rpm and tilt 30 degrees in both directions. The riders begin to be transferred into a parallel arctic wonder world, enjoying a unique viewing experience – they become part of the story as the exploration takes shape and reveals a phantasmagoric media-based underwater world while they enjoy the spectacle around them.


Intamin Amusement Ride (Joint Product)

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