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Infrastructure for immersive, AR experiences that bring a theme park’s environment to life.

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After 10 years building AR infrastructure out of MIT & Stanford labs, Illumix was selected for the prestigious Disney Accelerator program, validating the revolutionary potential of its technology. Illumix has created the infrastructure for immersive, AR experiences that bring a theme park’s environment to life, create interactive moments and quests, and allow visitors to experience the stories in ways that were never before possible. With Illumix, a guest can walk into the park and have their favorite character say “Welcome Back”, be led through AR wayfinding to their ride, participate in a social AR experience while in a queue, engage with interactive AR that brings the park to life throughout the day, and capture and share those extra unforgettable magical memories.

Illumix’s technology offers a superior experience for visitors, enabling guests to experience AR without the limitation of scanning a code or requiring the visitor to stand in a particular location, and reaching a far more accurate precision level—to the centimeter, compared to other AR technology which is to 5-10M (e.g.: Google’s geospatial). Simultaneously, Illumix’s technology is privacy & COPPA compliant, which is paramount for the families and children visiting. Illumix is also the only AR solution that works across every use case, from small and indoor to large scale and outdoor and everything in between, giving theme parks and their visitors a huge variety of ways to interact with and experience the content throughout the parks. Additionally, while other AR technology can’t handle complicated and evolving elements (such as trees), Illumix’s technology doesn’t rely on pre-scanning these objects, and can realistically bring the digital and physical together in real-time for a flawless consumer experience.

Pixar Pier Buzz Lightyear AR Kirin Sinha

This leap forward in AR powered by Illumix creates an entirely new canvas for theme parks – effectively doubling their real estate without additional land investment or need for permits. Furthermore, Illumix has enabled venues to harness the power of the digital landscape to create next-generation experiences that are more interactive and personalized than what is possible with physical experience alone. Illumix delivers AR instantly into the real world without the need for app updates, allowing venues to schedule different content for different seasons, times of day, and events. Illumix’s technology also enables different users to have different content experiences (i.e.; annual passholders’ experiences may be different than a first-time visitor’s or content may be different on a guest’s birthday), taking the current static park experience and creating the opportunity for immersive, dynamic, and personalized interactions.

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