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Groundbreaking gaming environments that combining projection mapping, sensors, touch screens, and surround sound.

Immersive Gamebox, founded by Will Dean, is on a mission to revolutionize entertainment by bringing people together through shared play. In a world where technology has often driven us apart, Immersive Gamebox offers an inclusive, interactive, and socially collaborative gaming experience.

At Immersive Gamebox, we fundamentally believe technology should bring people together. It should help us foster meaningful connections and create lasting memories, especially in light of the epidemic of loneliness that has taken hold.

Our mission, which galvanizes team members all over the world, is to bring people together through the shared power of play. We enable families and friends to live in the present moment, rather than getting lost in unhealthy escapism, like virtual reality (VR), or the Metaverse or the filtered world of social media. After you and your friends have played our interactive group games at any of our ~30 Gameboxes worldwide, you leave happier, healthier, and more connected, and while we’re aware we’re not curing cancer, we are making the world just a little bit more joyful.

One of our biggest challenges when we started was shifting the paradigm in game design. Most games tend to emphasize player-versus-player dynamics, encouraging competition. However, we aspired to create a gaming experience centered around teamwork and collaboration. Our target audience, primarily women seeking inclusive and socially collaborative gaming, required a different approach. To make this vision a reality, we had to develop groundbreaking hardware setups and gaming environments, combining projection mapping, sensors, touch screens, and surround sound.

The inspiration for Immersive Gamebox struck while Will Dean was in a VR game, feeling detached from his family. It was a stark realization that interactive experiences could be isolating. This moment fueled his determination to make screen time truly social. Today, with over 1 million players worldwide, we’re well on our way to achieving this goal.

Our proudest achievement in the last financial year is the positive impact we’ve had on families with autistic children. By enabling parents and children to engage in play together, we’ve repaired strained relationships and brought joy to families. From a financial perspective, our impressive growth, with a 115% revenue increase and a 112% sales growth, showcases our rapid ascent in the entertainment industry, with a valuation of $200 million.

Our market encompasses anyone who seeks entertainment, from families looking for a fun outing to couples on date nights and corporate groups seeking team-building experiences. Our diverse content caters to these varied audiences, ensuring everyone gets involved and stays active.

Immersive Gamebox stands out through its exceptional 5-star reviews (25k and counting), massive user base (1 million players worldwide), impressive 7:1 LTV to CAC ratio, unique, non-VR offering with an immersive social experience, and high repeat rate (31%, 72% above industry average).

In five years, Immersive Gamebox aims to be the future of interactive entertainment with 100 venues worldwide. By 2027, we’re poised to expand even further, reaching 1k venues globally, where Immersive Gamebox becomes synonymous with immersive and interactive entertainment for all.

Immersive Gamebox is proud to contribute to accessibility and inclusivity, diversity and inclusiveness, and social impact. We provide a space for positive engagement that doesn’t revolve around alcohol, welcoming diverse communities. Our educational game “Wordfish” is designed to make a positive impact by helping kids learn how to spell.

Immersive Gamebox is more than just entertainment; it’s a force for positive change, connection, and inclusivity in an ever-evolving world. In one sentence, Immersive Gamebox is about bringing people together through shared play, offering interactive social games based on popular shows from Netflix, Paramount, and Sony Pictures at venues worldwide.


IP Partnerships

Immersive Gamebox boasts a suite of IP partnerships with leading entertainment studios. One of our most noteworthy collaborations is with Netflix where we created an immersive Squid Game based on the hit TV-show (and Netflix’s most watched series ever). We created PAW Patrol: New Recruits with Paramount, the world’s first immersive PAW Patrol game for kids aged 3+. We’ve also partnered with Rovio Entertainment to produce the first-ever life-sized slingshot Angry Birds game and worked with Aardman for Shaun the Sheep. Additionally, we recently announced a partnership with Sony Pictures Entertainment via Columbia Pictures Location Based Entertainment for a new Ghostbusters game. We have exciting confidential partnerships in the pipeline, including one with Warner Brothers for a new game leveraging a significant IP they own. Furthermore, we’ll be launching new games with Netflix and Paramount in 2024, capitalizing on our successful partnerships with these IP holders.


We’re a Series A venture and have raised £40m to date from both VC & other funding sources. One of our notable investors is Index Ventures, one of the largest venture capital firms in the industry. Their track record includes backing major tech giants (Deliveroo, Dropbox, Slack etc.), making their support for us a noteworthy endorsement. We’ve also garnered investment from Brookfield Properties, one of the world’s largest mall operators, which not only provided financial support but also led to the opening of 10 sites in partnership with them in the US and UK.

Franchise and Concession Partners

Through franchise and concession partnerships, we’ve successfully sold 1,100 GAMEBOXES year-to-date (compared to the 300 we operate today). These partnerships have been instrumental in our growth. We’ve established a significant partnership with Merlin Entertainments, involving a multi-million pound, multi-territory agreement spanning Europe, the USA, the UK, and Australia.
We’ve also teamed up with Gravity Active Entertainment, where we have 5 venues in their existing destination centres, and a plan to add 5 more.

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