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A thrilling water slide product that brings the roller coaster experience of a theme park into a water park.

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Master Blaster water coaster has been thrilling guests for over 20 years with gravity-defying uphill blasts and the biggest drops in the industry. While it has gone through several technological refinements over the years, it always started at one point, usually at the top of a tall tower, and ended at another, usually a run-out lane or exit pool.

Master Blaster Studio City Water Park

Until now.

The Infinity Master Blaster utilizes a vehicle conveyor so that the ride can begin without a tall tower. The belt transports riders in 1-2-person inner tubes up to the first hill where their rafts edge the precipice, building anticipation before they plummet down 6 meters in the biggest drop in the industry. The reprieve in the valley is only brief before the riders are then launched into a high-velocity uphill blast and then another heart-pounding drop. More crests and troughs follow along with plenty of twists and turns before looping back to finish at the start. It’s like bringing the roller coaster experience of a theme park into a water park.

Maximum Inner Tube Thrills on Minimum Footprint

The ride conveyor is what makes this Master Blaster unique. It allows for:

  • A more energy-efficient way of bringing riders to greater heights
  • A closed circuit slide path that can be compactly integrated into a site
  • Placement of the loading/unloading area directly above other, unrelated elements in the park, making good use of space
  • A lower tower height, saving money on the construction of a tall structure

Case Study

Master Blaster Studio City Water Park Drop

As with most indoor water parks, space is at a premium at Studio City Water Park in Macau. Running along the edge of the building and circling back is “Lightspeed Shuttle,” an almost 300-meter long Infinity Master Blaster that injects a special energy into the venue.

To reach the loading zone, guests climb a short set of stairs, above other water park amenities, to the platform. While waiting, they look to the left to see two people laughing while finishing the ride and getting off the inner tube. The empty vehicle then gets pulled forward to the next guests, who will seat themselves on top.

Master Blaster Studio City Water Park Windows

From there, riders are carried on the conveyor, slowly going higher and higher, leaving the hustle and bustle of the water park below, while their hearts beat faster and faster for the exciting adventure that lays ahead. Once at the peak, they are sent into a screaming plummet, feeling a brief sensation of weightlessness, before being blasted uphill by a strong and steady stream of water. During this thrilling journey, riders will experience more drops and uphill blasts, curves and hairpin turns, and light and dark sections at “lightspeeds” of up to 47 km/h for an experience they won’t soon forget.

Master Blaster Studio City Water Park Exit

Throughout the two-minute ride, guests are treated to a tour of the sci-fi-themed water park, made even better by the large side windows that allow for great views. Not only that, family, friends, and other spectators can see the riders’ excited faces and experience the exhilaration second hand—or take photos or videos to be shared later.

Finishing this action-packed ride, the happy riders get off the inner tube at the same area they got on, where the next pair of guests are eagerly eyeing the now empty “shuttle.”


Infinity Master Blaster incorporates the latest upgrade to the Master Blaster, with improvements such as:

  • Much larger windows on the risers for engaging views during the ride
  • Width reduction of the flume for even better vehicle tracking
  • Removable floor for easy access to maintenance
  • RTM (resin transfer molding) fiberglass—more sustainable to produce and maintain, the shiny surfaces give the slide a premium look and feel

It is designed with cost savings in mind:

  • Steady water flow reduces excess spraying and water evaporation
  • Higher risers capture more water to prevent water loss
  • Off-the-shelf vehicles are affordable to replace compared to customized rafts
  • Removable floor panels allow for easy access to maintenance, thus reducing labor hours

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