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A park operations control system and cloud-based dashboard solution, enabling measurement and reporting capabilities for park operators.

‘INSIGHT ESG” – Sustainability through smart operations

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Insight ESG is an innovative park operations control system and cloud-based dashboard solution, enabling unprecedented measurement and reporting capabilities for park operators in the amusement industry.

The main challenge in demonstrating a commitment to sustainability, is the need for objective measurement and true reporting on the progress of change at a park.

To address this challenge, 40-year automation industry veterans at Launch Logic, Inc. known for their sophisticated control systems on rides such as Krakatau at Volcano Bay in Orlando have collaborated with Marker 66 Inc to develop Insight ESG.

Parks operate the latest in ride innovations to provide the ultimate guest experience. Many critical infrastructure components like electrical motors, water pumps, scales, control systems, flow meters, CCTV cameras, rider dispatch systems… are essential for daily park operations.

Insight ESG System Overview

Insight ESG is designed to capture critical data from all these individual components and store the information in a cloud-based management system.

Insight ESG enables park managers and executives to track and report on sustainability initiatives in real time on any device. The dashboard views are fully customizable based on client preferences.

Insight ESG, which has a specific focus on Environmental, Social and Governance aspects of park operations, is designed to work within framework of the UN’s’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

UN -17 Sustainable Development Goals

To cite an example with environmental impact, Insight ESG has a feature called pump “eco-mode” that is beneficial to certain water ride types like coasters, where water is only required in the sections of the ride in which vehicles are present during any given time.

Environmental Features and Benefits

An important Insight ESG “Social” capability revolves around positive experiences for riders and park employees alike. In a water park setting for example, Insight ESG has the inherent capability to simultaneously monitor water flows, collect aggregate rider weights, chart chlorine levels, while seamlessly interfacing with the ride dispatch system. In other words, Insight ESG monitors the entire system required to optimize operations.

Should any one of the key ride parameters be trending unfavourably, Insight ESG has the capability to provide immediate notifications via text messaging or email to the ride attendant, park manager or executive team, depending on park notification protocols. The ride performance monitoring and notification system is a powerful tool for park operators.

With clearly defined operating parameters, supported by real-time reporting on equipment performance, it becomes a very easy task for parks to design and develop a formal training program for ride attendants to effectively perform their job duties which creates a supportive work environment promoting engagement and pride.

Governance Features and Benefits

One of the most important aspects of business a park owner faces today is ride incident management. In recent years, there has been a material rise in guest incident claims being brought forth against park operators, with a corresponding dramatic increase in litigation settlement amounts.

Insight ESG will become an important tool for park owners’ legal team. By capturing, recording and archiving all relevant ride data collected per dispatch, an owner may retrieve at any point in the future critical ride information necessary to overturn unwarranted or frivolous claims due to irresponsible rider behaviours. Although various claims can be legitimate, there are many that are not. Insight ESG is designed to defend against unwarranted guest incident claims by providing access to cloud-based time stamped digital records.

Insight ESG bridges a critical gap between park sustainability goals and objective transparent reporting expected by investors, governments and the general public.

The choice to embrace Insight ESG is a commitment to sustainability that has a far-reaching impact in creating a more sustainable future for all.


Launch Logic, Inc and Marker 66 Inc

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