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Journey of the Pioneers

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Combining exhibition, immersive theatre, and themed attractions to transport visitors on an extraordinary voyage to the year 2071.

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Spanning three floors and encompassing 32,000 square feet of exhibition space, The Journey seamlessly integrates elements of exhibition, immersive theatre, and themed attractions to transport visitors on an extraordinary voyage to the year 2071. Meticulously crafted, every object, environment, and interaction along this odyssey is thoughtfully orchestrated to immerse the visitor at the core of an inspiring adventure.

At its core, The Journey aspires to transcend passive observation, aiming to cultivate a community of individuals dedicated to shaping a more promising future. This aspiration mirrors the values of the Museum of the Future, an institution inaugurated in Dubai in February 2022. The museum’s mission is to empower a diverse array of individuals to positively influence the next phase of human history.

The Journey of the Pioneers encapsulates this mission and functions as a catalyst for its realization. While each visitor’s encounter remains inherently personal, it is interconnected with a broader collective purpose. Through individual choices, every visitor becomes an integral part of a unified endeavor to forge an enhanced future for humanity. These choices intertwine to construct a distinctive character arc for each visitor, while still maintaining a cohesive trajectory.

Venturing through the museum’s prospective realms, visitors are exposed to settings and subjects that defy conventional imagination. In the initial phase of The Journey, for instance, participants voyage to a space station orbiting Earth. The architectural elements of the exhibition serve as crucial storytelling components, not only creating an immersive, cinematic ambiance but also offering contextual explanations within the exhibition’s universe. Museum staff elucidate that most of the materials were procured from space, with the floor beneath visitors’ feet comprised of asteroids and space debris, while the enclosing walls are 3D-printed from lunar surface powder. This transformative recalibration of what is conceivable aims to inspire our audience to perceive themselves and the world with renewed clarity. By positioning visitors as protagonists within this escapade, our intent is to ignite a sense of empowerment that extends well beyond their museum encounter.

Although museums typically strive to stimulate their visitors, few actively endeavor to empower them. In developing and conveying the visitor’s journey through the museum, our emphasis extends beyond the experience itself to encompass its transformative impact. The Journey of the Pioneers accomplishes this by affording all visitors the sensation of being central characters in an epic narrative. It delivers an awe-inspiring encounter that is attuned to the individual. Subsequently, this sentiment is channeled into tangible actions that hold the potential to contribute to a more promising future—both on a personal level and for the global community.

Collaboratively shaped by over a dozen studios transcending boundaries of culture, geography, discipline, and aesthetics, the Journey of the Pioneers stands as a collective endeavor. To ensure the museum’s intended effects resonate consistently across all touchpoints, we have established a set of experience principles that serves as a guiding compass for our internal team and collaborative partners.

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