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Julia Child: A Recipe for Life

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An immersive and interactive exhibition that offers a fascinating journey into the life and legacy of Julia Child.

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“Julia Child: A Recipe for Life” is an immersive and interactive exhibition that offers a fascinating journey into the life and legacy of Julia Child, whose culinary expertise and indomitable spirit forever transformed American cuisine. The exhibition is a testament to the power of storytelling through immersive experiences, as it explores the key ingredients of Julia Child’s personal journey, which played a vital role in America’s culinary revolution. Through a series of interactive and engaging experiences, we celebrate Julia’s insatiable curiosity, tenacity, and profound impact on the world of food.

Julia’s journey was a remarkable one, and our exhibition brings it to life in a compelling and immersive way. Here are some of the highlights of our exhibition:

Julia Child Exhibit studio kitchen

“The French Chef” Interactive Television Studio:
Visitors step into the shoes of Julia Child herself, operating a vintage video camera, mixing “ingredients,” and feeling like an integral part of her iconic television show. This interactive space captures the magic of her TV persona.

Paul Child’s Photographs:
We showcase intimate photographs by Julia’s husband, Paul Child, offering a glimpse into their personal life and the love that fueled her culinary passion.

Julia Child Exhibit Visitor with food

Personal Correspondence and Kitchen Tools:
Explore Julia’s personal correspondence and her favorite kitchen tools, providing insights into her daily life and the dedication that made her a culinary legend.

La Couronne Restaurant Immersive Experience:
Step into the world of Julia’s first French dining experience at La Couronne restaurant in Rouen, France, where her culinary journey truly began.

Julia Child Exhibit Book display with Tour guide

“Mastering the Art of French Cooking” Book Projection:
A larger-than-life projection of Julia’s iconic cookbook, “Mastering the Art of French Cooking”, invites visitors to immerse themselves in her culinary wisdom.

Vignette of 1960s Television:
Experience the charm and nostalgia of 1960s television, transporting visitors back to the era when Julia first graced our screens.

Julia Child Exhibit Dining table with projections

“Dear Julia” Participatory Response Interactive:
Engage with the exhibition by sharing your own thoughts, experiences, and messages to Julia, contributing to the ongoing legacy of this culinary icon.

Dining with Julia Interactive:
Test your culinary knowledge in the interactive dining room while learning how Julia would serve up some of her famous dishes with sides, garnishes, and wine pairings.

“Julia Child: A Recipe for Life” goes beyond Julia’s status as a television personality and author. It explores pivotal and inspiring moments in her life and the supportive network of family and friends that shaped her career. This exhibition tells a comprehensive story of a woman who empowered herself and, in turn, empowered others, leaving an indelible mark on American cuisine and food culture.

We firmly believe that this exhibition epitomizes innovative storytelling through its immersive experiences, vividly bringing the life and times of Julia Child to a new generation of enthusiasts and food lovers.


The exhibition is produced and managed by Flying Fish, developed in collaboration with the Napa Valley Museum, under rights granted by The Julia Child Foundation for Gastronomy and the Culinary Arts and The Schlesinger Library, Harvard Radcliffe Institute, Harvard University.

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