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An interactive immersive experience that gets its visitors to play in an interactive yet simple, Instagram-able box of LEGO.

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LEGOLAND Adventure Golf is an interactive immersive experience that gets its visitors to play in an interactive yet simple, Instagram-able box of LEGO. There are 4 themed LEGO courses; space, LEGO city, a medieval village and pirates. Within these themed courses, LEGO designers have carefully tailored 36 individual interactive story-led holes to delight young families and their children.

Its primary mission is to keep the family together in a unique activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family. It gives families time to switch off all their devices and enjoy the trials and tribulations of adventure golf.

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Simplicity is key within the design. Players are shrunk down to the size of a mini-figure, which becomes the emotional conduit of the storytelling of each course. Giant LEGO structures, such as a dragon, mermaid, alien and more, immersive players into a fantastical world.

This golf course combines an immersive experience with low-tech interactivity and edutainment in order to engage as many visitors as possible.

When they enter the course, players learn about the dynamics of a golf ball in an interactive LEGO play table. They test gravity and pitch before playing on the course. These interactive tables have been specifically designed for young children, enabling them to learn through fun.

LEGOLAND Adventure Golf Pirates and Mermaids

LEGO Design specialists worked on the golf courses, building each hole in the model shop and then creating life-size manifestations of LEGO characters. Each hole has been designed to achieve the right level of interactivity and skill to allow the whole family to have fun.

Each course has 11 interactive zones, which include tasks and user interaction points. There are LED light displays to enhance the kinetic activity of the courses. 2D customised graphics cover the walls and floors to immerse players into the world of LEGO.

LEGOLAND Adventure Golf Pink aliens

By using LED, dynamic lighting, interactive sound design, audio gags and more, the LEGO content looks realistic and natural. LEGO figures may even make sounds, just like real animals! This helps build the world and storytelling for the players

By keeping the technology used at a minimum, the course is accessible for children of all ages and allows families to disconnect from their mobile devices and engage with each other.

After competing against each other, families can enjoy food at the new cafĂ©, Tee Time. The course is outside of LEGOLAND Windsor Resort, and can be enjoyed in addition to the Resort’s attractions or as a separate visit. Each course is designed to take a group of 6 people around an hour to play.

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