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A transformative distillery experience that brings moments to life that only exist in Guillermo Del Toro movies and 19th century novels.

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Lost Spirits melds immersive entertainment with a Las Vegas circus show…and a craft distillery – all under the same roof.

Described as “One of the Best Shows in Las Vegas,” by Thrillist and “The Best Drinking Experience in Las Vegas,” by Men’s Journal, Lost Spirits Distillery is as spectacular as it gets.

Guests enter the football field sized maze on a “treasure hunt” to find their drinks. As they wander the plywood sets, into the distillery and through many rooms staffed by 45 of the world’s best acrobats, contortionists, magicians, burlesque dancers, singers and sideshow performers. All told, the experience is completely transportive and brings moments to life that only exist in Guillermo Del Toro movies and 19th century novels.

During the Journey Guests will see:

Lost Spirits Distillery Olypics Gold Medalist

The Town Square Stage
Nestled deep in the plywood village is a stage with aerial acrobatics rigging. Every 30 min a ringmaster presents a team of flying acrobats to include an Olympic gold medalist gymnast, a Guinness book of world record holders, contortionists, snake charmers, and much of the former cast of Zumanity.

The Jazz Room
Since time in memorial, distillers have sworn that playing music for the yeast produces significantly better flavor profiles in brandy, whisky, rum and tequila. While playing Chopin or Tchaikovsky records are the norm, we brought on performers from Broadway to perform live for the active fermentations and their yeasty inhabitants. While we may question the effect of the music has on fermentations, the effect on the human audience is undeniable. Six times a night, 50-70 people pack into our Jazz room and watch 15 minute mini sets live while enjoying cocktails by celebrity mixologist Alex Velez.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
Swaying lights, steamer trunks and tufted chairs line a submarine themed lounge where hundreds of guests find Navy rum rations. In seats surrounded by portholes swim dozens of plywood fish, painted with human faces and propelled by dry-cleaning conveyor belts. Travel around the corner and enter the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea dining room. Here Chef Taylor Persh, and her staff of 16 chefs and servers, churn out a 16-course fine dining experience for 32 lucky patrons in a dining experience that was recently described as “innovative and masterful,” by the NY Times.

Lost Spirits Distillery Submarine

The Distillery Tour
Lost Spirits is unique among immersive theaters in that it is also a working distillery. Turning out tens of thousands of bottles of hand-crafted rum a year, guests wander the distillery viewing areas 3 times per night. The distillery is equally dressed up as a stage set with the still fashioned to look like a Chinese dragon swimming through the air. The American Distilling Institute (the United States main trade association for craft distillers) just put Lost Spirits on the cover of Distiller Magazine this quarter!!! The headline read “Lost Spirits Soars to New Heights in Las Vegas.”

The Dorian Gray Lounge
Patterned after the dockside den of iniquity and bar described so vividly by Oscar Wilde in his classic novel, the Dorian Gray lounge serves as a destination in Lost Spirits. Here guests find their Cherry Bounce tasting (a 19th century English rum and cherry liquor).

The Séance Show
As the night wears on, at Lost Spirits Distillery and Circus, things get darker and more elegant. The Séance show is a 90-minute parlor show where a small elite team of world class acrobats, mentalists and magicians perform on the séance table inches from the pardons crystal cocktail glasses. Rum tastings emerge from an Egyptian sarcophagus and guests are dazzled by unexplainable events they see with their own eyes. This beautifully twisted show features a working phonograph doll from Thomas Edison’s era and host who seems to actually possess and manipulate members of the audience.


Lost Spirits Distillery is proudly located in Las Vegas within the AREA15’s wanderland of immersive art and experiences.

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