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Markerless Tracking Technology is the AI behind the Moment Vault Installation at Orlando Airport reflecting air, water and sky aesthetics.

Orlando International Airport (MCO) unveiled the new state-of-the-art South Terminal Complex in the Fall of 2022, which welcomes travelers with an Experiential Media Environment (EME).

A focal point of the EME is The Moment Vault, a compelling immersive multimedia installation powered by the latest interactive technologies. Smart Monkeys, Inc. developed and managed the technology of the Moment Vault which utilizes Realmotion’s™ cutting-edge media server with generative content capabilities and new proprietary AI-powered 3D markerless tracking technology. The total solution provides content creators a unique set of capabilities that enable novel, memorable interactive experiences for travelers and visitors.

The installation in the Airside Hub of the new Terminal C is a destination itself where visitors can walk through three monumental curved 2mm LED displays that form a circle. It reflects Orlando International Airport’s established air, water and sky aesthetic and provides a new opportunity for visitors to create lasting travel memories and form positive associations with the airport and the city of Orlando.

The immersive real-time experience is made possible through Realmotion™’s latest multi-GPU G32 real-time media servers and innovative Fusion tracking technology. In contrast to existing pose estimation systems that are limited to 2D tracking and struggle to discern the size and distance of objects within a space, Realmotion™’s proprietary technology offers a comprehensive solution.

By leveraging the six cameras strategically placed at various angles within the Moment Vault, the system captures the space from multiple perspectives, eliminating issues of occlusion or sight-line blockages. This means that guests located behind someone else relative to a specific camera are not overlooked.

AI is used to integrate the camera data and generate skeletal wireframes (3D pose estimates) for up to 25 individuals within the space. This data is then transmitted to three Realmotion™ G32 servers where it feeds into the Unreal Engine scene that appears onto the Moment Vault’s internal LED displays. The interactive elements of the Unreal Engine scenes then mirror and follow each of the individual’s multidirectional movements simultaneously. Regardless of their placement or distance within the space, anyone present can be accurately tracked and visually represented on the displays in real-time.

The implications of this new technology extend far beyond the Moment Vault, opening up a realm of possibilities for creators of location-based immersive environments. Not only does it enable the development of advanced interactive installations, but it also holds the promise of delivering multi-user experiences that were previously unimaginable. With the ability to track large groups of users in 3D without the need for physical markers, the system ensures remarkable accuracy, responsiveness, and robustness.

Additionally, recognizing that content designers require a diverse set of tools to bring their creative visions to life, Realmotion™ goes the extra mile by supporting multiple industry-leading softwares. Whether it’s Unreal Engine, Smart Monkeys Inc.’s ISAAC, Notch, TouchDesigner, or Realmotion Flow, creators have the ultimate flexibility to craft real-time interactive content using their preferred tools.

Lastly, the tracking system emulator we developed allows creators to test and develop reactive content without the need for real-world subjects or displays, providing a valuable tool for experimentation and refinement before actual deployment. Considering airports run around the clock and receive a constant influx of travelers, this element within the technology was imperative to the success of the project.

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