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Mission Ferrari enables guests to embark on a captivating journey that builds anticipation around every turn.

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Welcome to Mission Ferrari, a heart-stopping, mind-bending and jaw-dropping masterpiece that is made to entertain all thrill-seekers at the world’s leading theme park, Ferrari World Yas Island, Abu Dhabi. Picture yourself seated in this cutting-edge rollercoaster, where innovation and adrenaline meet to redefine the very concept of thrilling rides. With Mission Ferrari, guests find themselves on the edge of their seat from start to finish, surrounded by state-of-the-art technology and captivating AV effects that blur the line between fiction and reality. It’s no surprise that Mission Ferrari has shattered all expectations and snagged the prestigious title of the “world’s most immersive mega-coaster”.

As guests step into this groundbreaking three-and-a-half-minute ride, they embark on a journey that captivates them and builds anticipation around every turn of this unique ride. As the ride begins, they find themselves immersed in a breathtaking hologram display of a professor in a lab, showing them the incredible resilience of a Ferrari vehicle going against all odds – bullets, bombs, fire, and ice. Just when they think they are going straightforward, a unique twist takes them in reverse, setting the stage for an extraordinary journey unlike any other. Having a rollercoaster maneuver in reverse is an extremely uncommon occurrence, and Mission Ferrari stands also stands out as being fully indoors, unlike other rides at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi that begin indoors and then continue outdoors.

The highlight of Mission Ferrari lies in its unparalleled AV experience. As the car pulls into the center of a massive 230-degree curved screen, guests become one with the mission – one that is inspired by the renowned James Bond films. Their objective? To safely transport a top-secret prototype car to a hidden headquarters beneath Ferrari’s legendary Italian factory. But beware! Rival spies are on the prowl, determined to steal the prized vehicle, and the nine passengers seated in the ride must protect it at all costs.

Passengers get ready, gear up, the ride is about to start! They are met with danger as a model helicopter passes over their heads, casting its searchlights upon the ride car, before spies in black biker suits emerge from the scenery and focus their laser beams upon the target. The ride accelerates through a thrilling looping section beneath the grand dome, the acceleration is accompanied by a revving sound from the speakers, a thrilling auditory display that matches the ride’s top speed of 72 km/h, unleashing forces of up to 3.9g. Guests senses are fully engaged as they navigate through a breathtaking simulation of a waterfall’s edge, with the screen mirroring the heart-pounding action. Tension builds as helicopters close in, firing missiles that seem to pass right through the room – thanks to perfectly synchronized light effects.

The ride appears to teeter on the edge of a waterfall, with water rushing towards the ground on the distant horizon. It’s a breathtaking moment that will test guests’ fear of heights, as the car points down over an actual drop, with only the domed screen in front of them. The action intensifies with a mid-air battle between helicopters, exploding in sync with the on-screen blast, propelling the ride car backward into an exhilarating reverse loop.

But just when they think the adventure is over, a surprise awaits. Projections within a café window reveal an enemy helicopter poised for another strike. Passengers must brace themselves for the world’s first sideways rollercoaster drop, plunging them into the depths of Ferrari’s factory for a heart-stopping finale.

Mission Ferrari isn’t just a rollercoaster; it’s an immersive, pulse-pounding, action-packed experience that will leave guests asking for more. It is a space that immerses every park-goer with its cutting-edge technology and creative storytelling, making this multisensory 5D rollercoaster experience an unbeatable choice for every adventure-seeker.

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