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The Radian Wristband is a rechargeable wearable, communicate-with-notification enabled wristband device perfect for time allotted based activities.

The Radian Wristband is a rechargeable wearable, communicate-with-notification enabled wristband device which can be used to communicate specific alerts by glowing / vibrating, as per pre-defined setups for notifications. These wristbands are enabled with RFID technology and combined with the capabilities of notifying the guests on their time and activity, which will save your business from the need for extra staff to act as a timekeeper to usher your guests in and out — which can be challenging, especially with kids.

This Radian Wristbands can be used in facilities where the games / activities / attractions / check in-checkout products are allotted based on time. For example, Trampoline Parks, Softplay Areas, Laser tags, Skiing rings etc.

This wearable device is designed to notify the wristband user about the various time-based event triggers as defined by the operators — for instance, notifications when the time for the activity begins — by vibrating and glowing green, when there is last 5 minutes of activity time left – by vibrating and blinking red, and a constant red when the time allotted is complete. The colors, patterns and vibration notifications can be customized for different activities and each slot / schedule within the activity as per the business needs. This elegant Radian wristband makes a fantastic add-on to customer experience and amps up the cool factor!

The device is equipped with wireless communication capability to communicate to the wireless access points, which will act as a controller for all the wristbands associated within a facility.
The usage is simple. Radian Wristbands are identified using an embedded MiFare RFID tag. They can be tapped on a compatible RFID reader at the POS during the issuing process just like a typical MiFare tag. The wristband is issued at the POS when the activity-based product is sold and is activated when the time for the activity begins, informing the wearer that the time has begun. The notifications continue to communicate as set up. When the time is complete, the customer will return the device at the POS / designated collection points and the refunds are made if applicable.


Some of the most important features / benefits of Radian Wristbands include:
A. Automated time keeping:
• Accurate
• Lack of waste – Currently paper wristbands are used
B. Notification:
• To operator – when the customer leaves a designated area
• To customer – when communication needs to be sent
C. Ability to create challenges/courses
D. Lightweight, robust, and durable
E. Easy to Setup & Manage
F. Enhances the guest experience:
• Seamless Check-In & Check-Out experience
• Faster guest movement (Tap on reader)
• Reduced time at queues and counters
G. Reduces the staff burden:
• Easy to identify guests who have completed their slot/ schedule time
• Eliminates concerns around storing and displaying sensitive customer information.

Radian Wristbands are perfect for play areas or game zones that involve check-in and check-out based on time-defined activities. The band has an LED bezel with software-controlled patterns which glow in a spectacular range of colors — something that kids find very fascinating!
As an operator, you can configure the wristband to glow with certain colors and vibrate in a certain pattern based on pre-defined setups. A fully charged wristband will keep going for almost 24 hours. The charging station contains a series of charging ports and for added convenience, multiple charging stations can be connected in series.

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