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OceanXperience flawlessly combines mixed-reality technology to offer visitors an immersive and interactive marine exploration experience.

OceanXperience” marks a groundbreaking shift in how visitors can interact with the ocean and marine research using experiential technology. Central to this remarkable exhibition is the impressive HoloLab. This pioneering space flawlessly combines mixed-reality technology to offer visitors an immersive and interactive marine exploration experience. By putting visitors in control of a personalized adventure aboard the “OceanXplorer”, the exhibition empowers them to embark on a journey customized to their individual interests and curiosities.

“OceanXperience” stands out for its commitment to comprehensive engagement, made possible using RFID technology to tailor each visitor’s experience. The interactive elements, along with real-time feeds and immersive audio, generate an authentic atmosphere that mirrors the excitement of the real research vessel. Features like the ROV Pilot Stations, Mapping Touch Tables, CTD, and EK80 Touchscreens further enhance the hands-on STEM-based experience, enhancing visitors’ understanding of the complex world of marine exploration.

The exhibition’s Wet Lab and Dry Lab sections skillfully strike a balance between education and entertainment. These areas provide hands-on investigative experiences while also offering insights into the scientific method and data analysis. This combination creates an environment that motivates visitors to actively engage in the scientific process. Visitors can interact with tangible tools like the Genetic Sequencer, Projection Microscope, and Computer Analysis Stations, which make it easy to explore complex concepts in an interactive and accessible way.

The exhibition’s standout feature is the revolutionary HoloLab, where “OceanXperience” exceeds expectations. By employing HoloLens 2 headsets and real-time N-Cam feeds, this interactive experience transports visitors into a world where holograms bring marine biology to life. Guided discussions, led by scientific experts, offer a unique opportunity for visitors to explore how technology can propel research, collaboration, and the sharing of knowledge in the field of marine sciences.

The HoloLab experience represents a remarkable achievement in experiential technology, skillfully integrating elements of education, entertainment, and innovation. This interactive has the capacity to redefine visitor engagement, especially in the context of ocean exploration and scientific discovery. It has the potential to revolutionize the way people interact with and learn about these subjects.


The exhibition, based on a forthcoming television series produced by BBC Studios Natural History Unit and OceanX in association with Earthship Productions for National Geographic, is created and toured internationally by Flying Fish.

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