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Our Ocean Our Future provides a framework for professionals to integrate Impactainment through entertainment, design and development.

Hidden Worlds merges conservation with art and entertainment. We focus on generating positive impact via fun experiences, an entirely new approach we call Impactainment. Contrary to edutainment, our approach emphasizes emotional storytelling which is empirically proven to increase awareness and drive behavior change. We go beyond sustainability as positive impact, not sustaining the status quo, is required to ensure the survival of humanity.
Our inaugural experience, Our Ocean Our Future, exemplifies this approach perfectly, providing a framework for other professionals and companies engaged in the entertainment industry to integrate Impactainment in their design and development. Combining immersive entertainment with dining we can provide guidance to players engaged in a variety of verticals within the industry.

Impactainment Cornerstones

Emotional Storytelling: Have you ever wondered why smokers who have family members with a lifetime history of cancer are more likely to quit smoking? Because feelings matter! Yet edutainment emphasizes facts, neglecting a core element for driving awareness and behavior change. As a result, emotional storytelling is underrepresented in edutainment, conservation and/or other experiences seeking to create change. At Hidden Worlds we focus on both facts and feelings. Case in point: Our interviews with cancer survivors that are alive today due to medication originating from sea sponges. In doing so, we create personal connections with the abstract and vast concept of the ocean.

Optimized Content: Utilizing the latest in neuroscience we study our productions for their ability to create awareness and drive positive behavior change, a scientific approach that has won us the accreditation as a UN Ocean Decade Activity. Advanced heart rate algorithms enable us to gather neurochemical insights which, together with information recall- and donation assessments, allow us to investigate our experiences for their actual impact on our guests. 500 million guests visit theme parks every year, imagine one impact-optimized experience in each park: We could truly change the world.

Ocean Positive Dining: Our eating habits drive more than one-third of global greenhouse gas emissions and our agricultural industry contributes significantly to the ongoing mass extinction of flora and fauna. Nearly 90% of the world’s marine fish stocks are now fully exploited. We need to ask ourselves: Is sustainability sufficient? The answer is no. We need to go beyond sustainability. At Hidden Worlds we promote Ocean Positive Dining utilizing invasive or overpopulated species, supporting water quality via a heavy focus on bivalves and integrating seaweed and algae to promote carbon sinks. As a result, every bite taken helps the ocean. But not only the food is ocean positive, so are our cocktails. Guests support marine conservation with every sip. Never has a hangover felt this great. Each item is not only delicious but explained to our guests, creating fun learning opportunities.

Other Initiatives: In addition to the above, we donate to our conservation partners for every ticket sold. For example, we support one of the world’s leading shark research organizations, Beneath the Waves, as well as local Bahamian NGOs as part of our partnership with the Government of The Bahamas. Our tasting menu focus enables us to plan for portions perfectly, eliminating food waste and all shows are strictly free of single use plastics, as validated by Bye Bye Plastic.

Our Ocean Our Future has received great praise from customers and media alike. More importantly, it is the world’s first Impactainment experience, a new model merging impact with entertainment. We hope this innovative approach provides the tools and inspiration for other industry players to join us in driving change via entertainment.


Government of The Bahamas
Beneath the Waves
Bye Bye Plastic
Philippe & Ashlan Cousteau

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