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PARIS TIME TRAVEL takes visitors to the heart of the city, its history and evolution, with breathtaking images and immersive sound design.


For almost 50 years, the Magnicity – Paris Montparnasse Observatory magnifies Paris through a 360° view from 210m-high of the Montparnasse Tower. It welcomes almost 1 million visitors each year, from local inhabitants to international tourists. For some, it’s the starting point for discovering the city; for others, it’s a new way to discover Paris.
All Parisian monuments are revealed from there. Among them is the Eiffel Tower, whose view from the rooftop is known as the most beautiful.
In 2023, the Tour Montparnasse celebrated its 50th anniversary. The building’s construction was one of the great moments in the modernization of Paris in the late 60s, just as much as its construction was a huge construction site. For the Observatory, which opened in 1974, it was essential to mark this milestone in the city’s history by integrating it into the long and grand history of Paris.
For the first time ever, the history of Paris is revealed in virtual reality through a unique immersive experience.


To help visitors understand the evolution of the city of Paris through more than 2,000 years of history, a history whose traces can still be admired today from the viewpoint at the top of the tower.
This experience had to meet the standards set by Magnicity:

  • Educational, it reveals and shares the history of the city.
  • Immersive, it takes you into a truly fascinating, plunging visitor into another world.
  • Technological, bringing maximum realism to the experience
  • Memorable and unforgettable for those who live it.
  • Accessible to the widest possible range of visitors.


The new tour takes visitors to the heart of the city, its history and evolution, with breathtaking images and immersive sound design.
4 self-service 2.5-minute virtual reality video terminals line the tour route. A grand finale with an XXL-format video that plunges visitors into an aerial stroll through the heart of Paris.

The 4 terminals:

  • The first stage takes visitors back 50 years, to the construction of Montparnasse Tower, a revolutionary project for the capital in the early 70s, which revealed a unique view of the city.
  • The journey then takes us back in time to 223 AD, when Paris was still Lutetia, a Gallo-Roman city with thermal baths and a forum.
  • The next stop is medieval: in 1419, the city was transformed. Paris was now the capital of the kingdom of France. Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral, the Louvre, and the Bastille are already part of the landscape!
  • Then, visitors discover the red Eiffel Tower inaugurated in 1889, during the Universal Exhibition.

The XXL video

Extending this journey through time, a 7 minutes video on a giant screen gives visitors the thrill of flying like a bird over Paris, taking in the capital’s skyline through the centuries and its unique vistas. A memorable experience.


This new tour is the result of in-depth historical research and meticulous, highly realistic motion-capture reconstructions. A combination of original and ultra-high quality 3D creation and selected video and photo archives. Working with Timescope on the project, the Magnicity – Paris Montparnasse teams drove the project in:

Selecting the periods in the history, the locations presented, the information, and the video’s voice-overs,
And storytelling, by working on the voice-over texts, faithful to the history in both form and content, to offer a narrative that makes you vibrate and live the story.


Magnicity Paris Montparnasse is taking edutainment to the next level: from deep archive research to an accessible and fun experience of History.
Completed in just 6 months, Paris Time Travel is a total success: more than 130000 visitors did and loved it!
And Paris has so much to show that we’re already planning to produce new time capsules for 2024!



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