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Peaky Blinders: The Rise is a fun-packed evening with high-stakes drama, live music, and thrilling possibilities.

Peaky Blinders: The Rise was the realisation of the multi award-winning BBC One/iPlayer and Netflix series to become a live immersive theatrical show with its audience absorbed into the fast-paced world of Tommy Shelby and a brand-new Peaky Blinders storyline made in association with TV show creator Steven Knight.

G‍uests are invited to step back in time and inside the world of TV’s most notorious gangsters in a fun-packed evening of high-stakes drama, live music and thrilling possibilities. With a little money in your hands from Tommy, you’re free to explore all the action knowing that what you see, how you act, who you follow — even how much you win at the bookies — could all influence the outcome of the night. It was one of the first ever events which ran three possible outcomes / endings depending on audience actions – and offered 89 possible ways to experience the show.

Set in beautifully realised 1920s London scenes, you’ll see impressive sets (with many original pieces from the TV show), get involved in unmissable character interactions and competitive game play as you help steer (or derail) the Shelby family to victory and realise their ambition to take London.

Peaky Blinders The Rise - experience poster

‍This fun-packed evening includes high-stakes drama, live music, and thrilling possibilities. With anything is possible, guests can find themselves:

  • Advising Tommy on his business affairs in his office
  • Conspiring with the Italians in the swanky Eden Club whilst enjoying cocktails & live music
  • Having a drink with Arthur in the Garrison Pub
  • Placing bets in the Garrison Bookies
  • Marching for Women’s rights with Ada Thorne

It was important to create a realistic new storyline which remained true to the original series and retained core characters was vital; using props and sets from the original series helped retain authenticity of the brand experience. Finding the Camden Garrison which aligned perfectly with the new storyline was a key achievement for the production team. Converting and maintaining a Grade II listed building had its challenges but was imperative to the authenticity of the experience.
As a male dominated TV show, Peaky Blinders: The Rise wanted to make sure that it gave a voice and empowering story lines to female characters. It was important to remain true to the IP without advocating any antiquated positioning or treatment of women. These purposeful storylines were echoed through the marketing of the show – giving female characters coverage across all platforms.

Peaky Blinders The Rise - experience poster

Innovative approaches to the marketing saw the storyline of the event extended from the moment a ticket was bought. With pre-event communications inviting event goers to find out which family they are in before attending (colours worn acted as a signifier to cast members for story interaction during the show).

Post-event comms also changed depending on which show you experienced; if the Shelbys won that night, then you would receive a different email from a night Alfie Solomons saw victory.

Customers were also given an incentive to end the night with as much cash as possible, with a place on the Shelby Board of Directors up for grabs. These customers were given a social media asset they could share “for bragging rights” and entered into a VIP list on the events’ CRM to receive special offers, exclusive content and news.

User reviews were also used across the marketing campaign (OOH, email marketing, paid social, digital) using social proof to remove one of the biggest barrier to entry (potential customers who love Peaky Blinders being apprehensive about the immersive nature of the show). “Explainer” social media videos were also scripted with the characters from the show (see second video link).

Peaky Blinders: The Rise completed it’s London leg with 4.7 on google reviews, 4.7 on Feefo and 4.9 on Facebook reviews.

The show has just won Best Licensed Event and The Licensing Awards 2023.

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