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Reimagining Katmandu Park in Roblox

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BEYONDLAND can be described as the ultimate theme park of imagination with mini games, rides, attractions and a lab to build roller coasters.

BEYONDLAND™ is an exciting and innovative game built for Roblox, a platform that averages 66 million daily active users; most of them fall into the 7-17 age range. That makes Roblox an extremely important outlet for companies that want to activate their brand in a digital medium.

Described as the ultimate theme park of imagination, BEYONDLAND is designed as an all-ages, all-genre hub for multiple brands and franchises to cohabitate. The first brand activation inside the game is a reimagining of the Katmandu theme parks in Mallorca, Spain and Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

BEYONDLAND’s vast landscape features mini games, obstacle courses (known as obbies in Roblox), rides and attractions, activities, drivable vehicles, a mall where digital goods can be obtained, and a customizable lab where players can build their own roller coasters. At its core, it’s a land game in the sense that it represents a space where players can socialize and explore with their friends, but BEYONDLAND also has elements of tycoon games. This combination is uncommon in Roblox experiences.

Perhaps one of the more unique features of the game is the ability for a user to invite their friends to try the roller coaster they created. If enough players ride it and rate it highly, it could be featured at Spotlight Pier, which is in a prominent location just off the main entrance.

The competition inside BEYONDLAND doesn’t stop at coaster of the month. There are also live leaderboards for the insanely fun mini games and obbies. Most of them live inside a “hidden realm” and can be accessed by jumping through a portal, adding to the adventurous nature of the game. Hidden realms and portals are essential components of the Katmandu story.

Games in The Hidden Realms include the intense “Volcano Deathrun” footrace, the “Treehouse Challenge” obstacle course, and the “Space Zombie Survival” multi-player tag game. The hub world also features gamified attractions such as the “Wheel of Infinite Wonder” carousel, “Expedition Golf” putt putt, a park-wide rollercoaster, a bouncy Ferris wheel, a launch tower that shoots players off with a jet pack, and various midway-style games. As players explore the Robloxified version of Katmandu Park, they’ll likely come across characters from the original IP.

The creators sought to take full advantage of the lack of real-world physics, gravity, and yes, safety measures, so each experience goes comically beyond what anyone can do in a traditional theme park. Want to skip over scalding hot rocks suspended high in the air or traverse the slippery steel rails of the roller coaster to collect those hard-to-get coins? Go for it! And while you’re at it, take a screenshot and share it with the Roblox and BEYONDLAND communities.

Every so often, the game offers special themed collectibles, or free UGC items, which encourages players to spend even more time in BEYONDLAND to make sure they gather them all.

When players connect their BeyondME™ account to BEYONDLAND, all the XP they gain while playing is added to their BeyondME profile. XP can be spent on a variety of digital goodies or cashed in for discounts on physical merchandise, food and drinks, and services at places like Katmandu Park Punta Cana. Now that’s a cool brand tie-in!

With a wide range of gameplay features and game mechanics, special events, and customizable experiences, BEYONDLAND gives users plenty of reasons to return again and again and invite their friends to join them. In fact, as of this writing, BEYONDLAND has attracted six million visitors since its official launch in March 2023, and its approval rating has consistently stayed in the low to mid 90s (out of a possible 100). Both stats track better than most well-known intellectual properties that have a presence in Roblox.

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