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‘President Trump Will Take Your Questions.’

Donald Trump interactive animatronic life-size figure.

Working with the hugely talented heritage of our in-house team of world-famous sculptors from Madame Tussauds and the state-of-the-art robotics engineers and designers at Engineered Arts we created the Trump Bot, an all-new audio-animatronic figure of Donald Trump that is ready and waiting to meet and greet the UK public!

As part of our ongoing quest to bring iconic celebrities to life, this caricature figure is able to move his arms, head, mouth and eyes. He can interact with members of the public with a series of pre-recorded sound bites and responses designed to create a conversation!

The challenge of creating life-like animated figures becomes a lot more fun when the celebrity is created as an exaggerated caricature, meaning the problem of breaking the ‘uncanny valley’ disappears, and you’re left with a comedic and unthreatening figure to interact and relate with.

The next stage in our ‘Irreverent Celebrity’ characters will be creating figures with an AI ability. We are in the process of developing holographic and robotic augmentation to enhance the interaction, giving our guests the chance to converse on virtually any given subject. This means people visiting the attraction can take part in an interactive experience with Donald or indeed any of the future characters we make as figures.

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