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SeaTREK experience takes participants on a guided underwater walk in the ENDLESS OCEAN realm with more than 68,000 marine animals.

SeaTREK® helmet diving is now open in the world’s largest multi-species marine life aquarium, SeaWorld® Abu Dhabi. A product of California-based Sub Sea Systems, the SeaTREK experience (called SeaVenture by SeaWorld) takes participants on a guided underwater walk in the ENDLESS OCEAN realm, a 6.6-million-gallon (25 million liter) exhibit with more than 68,000 marine animals.

The SeaTREK system features 30 specialized dive helmets, a gravity-fed roller table to move the helmets from the exit to the water entry, including a powered helmet sanitation station, a pneumatic lifting system for maneuvering helmets on and off guests’ shoulders, and an aquatic lift for lowering a custom underwater wheelchair to the submerged pathway, for guests with limited mobility.

SeaTREK is intentionally designed to be one of the most accessible ways for people to explore underwater. The experience is as simple as walking and breathing, and requires no skills. Participants hair and face remain dry throughout the experience, enabling individuals to wear contact lenses or corrective eyewear. The minimum age to participate is 8 years old, and the eldest participants on record are 93 years old!

Adapted SeaTREK is a custom underwater wheelchair that enables guests with limited ability to participate in the SeaTREK tour. A special aquatic lift, essentially a marine-grade elevator, lowers the Adapted SeaTREK wheelchair from the deck to the seafloor, and back up again.

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