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Space Vertical Camp is a stand-alone space tourism simulator providing fast-moving space missions about space exploration and exoplanets.

Space Vertical Camp is the first transportable Space tourism camp to launch in the USA and/or Europe in 2025. It‘s affordable space tourism, a 100% safe, green, and family-friendly space experience.

Stand-alone space tourism simulator provides fast-moving space missions about space exploration, exoplanets, etc., with the highest quality of the resolution and sound systems. The spacecraft accommodates 60 passengers per session lasting 5-10 min.

The prototype of the da Vinci-7 space tourism experience is already developed, it’s 360 VR space experience with a moving platform that imitates space flights.

Space Vertical is seeking partners, sponsorships (brands), investor relations in the USA and Europe, and launching B2C pre-sales (reservations).

Space Vertical sustainable experience:

In the space tourism industry, Space Vertical Camp solution embraces the improvement from the third industrial revolution filled full of Rockets and Balloons, to the fourth– digitalization. Flying into Space causes pollution and Space Vertical offers an extraordinary based Green and Family-Safe, educational WOW effect experience.

Space tourism da Vinci-7 spacecraft simulates space missions and interactively showcases the content about outer space, missions to Solar system planets, and Exoplanets (the displayed data based on NASA/ESA publicly data).

To ensure sustainable energy usage, the Space Vertical camp will be powered by solar panels installed around the space camp, and the energy collected during the day will be used throughout the whole experience.

Space tourism camp system:

Space Vertical camp with special design creates an immersive space tourism experience for the customers. The camp environment consists of an administration dome, Space themed special accommodation domes, Spaceship da Vinci-7 and observation land, a training dome, an antigravity experience dome, space food, and a GALA dinner experience dome.


Super Garden – space food manufacturer (NASA based technologies), food printing systems developer, space food supplier in the USA. –
John Spencer – founder of Space Tourism Community, chairman of Space Tourism Conference –, designer and developer of Mars World –

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