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Super Boomerang is a multi launch coaster with 4 inversions and multiple launches both forwards and backwards reaching speeds of up to 95 km/h.

World’s first Super Boomerang ‘Cloud Shuttle’ is a brand new multi launch coaster and has officially opened on July 18th, at the new theme park Xuzhou Fantawild Wonderland in China.


The Super Boomerang is designed to offer a unique combination of modern-age thrill ride elements, all in a compact, narrow space. It combines a state-of-the-art and extremely comfortable ride vehicle, cutting edge drive system, and a unique track layout, full of airtime, 4 inversions and multiple launches, forward backward ride with a maximum speed of 95 km/h and vertical spike at 52,5m height. The Super Boomerang brings Vekoma’s successful Boomerang concept to new levels of excitement and thrills to a wide demographics, with the rider height restriction of 1.20m.

The 52,5m tall tower will have an iconic appearance in the park. Using Vekoma’s proven design MK1101 train system and a 6-coach, 24-seater train, the Super Boomerang reaches a capacity of 800pph. To obtain an unobstructed ride experience, the vehicle has a lapbar-only restraint system with flexible vest. Furthermore, the ride uses the state-of-the-art LSM launch system, which is the most maintenance-friendly driving system available in the market.

In 2024 North-America’s first Super Boomerang is opening at Six Flags Great Adventure.

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